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Surviving the Applewhites by Stephanie S. Tolan
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Jan 05, 11

Surviving the Applewhites
By: Stephanie S. Tolan

In the book Surviving the Applewhites there is this “Bad Boy” named Jake Semple. Jake Semple was abandoned by both of his parents and his grandfather took him in. Jake Semple lived in Rhode Island. He got kicked out of all the schools there and burned one down. Jake's social worker gave him two choices. The first one was to go to the Creative Academy and the second was to go to Juvenile Hall. Jake chose Creative Academy.

Most of the story takes place in the Creative Academy. The Creative Academy is a home school where you make up your own schedule and you don't have to do anything that you don't want to. The school room is very colorful and exciting. One of the girls just dances all day and works on her routine. So you might think that this is a “slacker” school, but it really isn't.

Jake tried to be a bad boy and make everyone mad at him, but people just ignored him. He was kind of turning into a good kid. E.D's little brother, Destiny, followed Jake around all day long and asked him a bunch of questions about his hair and other random things. When Destiny asks a question he does not even give you a chance to answer. One day Randolph (E.D's Uncle) got a call from his boss saying that he wasted him to direct a play. The play was called The Sound of Music. Randolph was very excited that he finally got something to direct, because he hasn't direct anything in months. Jake and Destiny were just singing in the schoolroom and Randolph is coming down the stairs and asks Jake to play the part of Rolf the oldest son in the Von Trapp family in the Sound of Music. Jake took the part and went to all of the rehearsals with Randolph. It was all coming together really well when one day they took Destiny to rehearsal. While Jake was on stage Destiny used Jake's lighter and started a fire in the trash can. He did this because he wanted to be like Jake. Jake got blamed for that. The next day the owner of the theater called Randolph and said that the show was canceled. Randolph really wanted to do the play. So he was very disappointed.

Randolph was not giving up that easy. He really wanted to do the play so he got his whole family together. Together the whole family came up with the idea that they could just do the play in the barn. Randolph was so excited he wanted to get started right that second, but everyone was tired because it was the middle of the night. The next day while everyone was asleep Randolph called all of the people playing the parts and told them where the rehearsals were now located. For about a week or two, with everyone's help, they were able to fix up the barn. The barn now had rows and rows of chairs and a stage. Opening night was the next day and everybody was nervous because it was suppose to rain even though it hadn't rained in over a year. Do you think that everything went the way they wanted it to or do you think that something bad happened?

Hannah Graff

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