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The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly
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Jun 07, 11

This book was just okay for me. It was mildly entertaining. Maybe deserves a 2.5 star. I didn't like the very negative portrayal of what it means to be a wife and mother; therefore, I appreciated Callie Vee's best friend's (Lula's) contentment and anticipation (rather than resignation) with which she approached her future in homemaking. But her take on it is only a blip in the radar of the resignation and depression surrounding Callie Vee over this subject throughout the book. The author also created in Lula some drone-like qualities which lend themselves to the suggestion that *smart* women questioned their lot in life while *dumb* women went like lambs to the slaughter. While I appreciate some of the major advancements made by the feminist movement (voting, land ownership rights, equal pay at work, college attendance . . .), I also believe that some in the movement went too far and succeeded only in damaging many women's opportunity for happiness and contentment in marriage and family life, treating those roles with ridicule and scorn. Perhaps since I don't believe in Darwin's theory of evolution and I don't appreciate what extreme feminism has done to the family, this book was doomed from the get-go for me.

I also felt that it ended far too abruptly. I wanted more character development and more years with the family in which to achieve that. I wanted to know if Callie Vee ever did find the happiness she was yearning for and how it came about. I also wanted to know if her brother married the girl he was courting at the end of the book. :D

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