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My Dangerous Duke by Gaelen Foley
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Jan 05, 2011

it was ok
Read in January, 2011

The fishing village attached to Warrington's estate is actually filled with smugglers who've been ignored in favor of transporting secret messages for The Order. Some of the younger smugglers start trying to make money the fast and dirty way, but crashing ships into the rocky coast. When a Coast Guard agent tells Warrington about his people's goings on,he heads back hoe to scare them back into line. He then stumbles into an additional plot that ties his young smugglers to The Order's arch enemies - The Promethians.

Romances make me giggle, but they're fun and I enjoy them. They're like a palate cleanser for the brain! And yes, The Inferno Club series has a very silly premise, but I enjoyed My Wicked Marquess and had assumed that My Dangerous Duke would be equally as fun. It had it's moments, but I just couldn't get past the plot developments.

I like both Kate and Warrington (I liked that he was superstitious), they were not the problem. I liked that Warrington found out quickly that Kate was not a prostitute; I'd been a bit worried that this discover would be drawn out and was relieved when it wasn't. Then, GASP!, Kate might be related to The Enemy. Oh dear, is this going to be drawn out also? Oh no, not really, ok fine. Then begins a very Indiana Jones/ Laura Croft type escapade to find a lost treasure! And believe it or not, this is where things got silly and occasionally ridiculous. I know at this point it's a bit unfair when I complain about the story being unrealistic, but come on! This was just a tad too much.

On Foley's website she has the tagline "Pure Escape", and that's what her books are. They're fun, I like the characters, I just wasn't a fan of this particular story. And seriously, it was the whole hidden cave thing at the end that seemed too much like Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade that was my breaking point.

Will I pick up book 3? Probably, because I did like the characters, and I like to finish series. I just might wait to get it from the library.

I like the characters, I like the ridiculous premise, I like the way the author writes, I just didn't like this installment very much. I give it 2 stars.

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