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To the End of the Land by David Grossman
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Aug 14, 2015

it was amazing
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This book was WONDERFUL

UPDATE: 5 years later: *August 2015*

A friend 'Liked' this review yesterday. My body felt frozen - I had to remember to breath.
Honestly, I have never been more 'shocked' -'frozen' with an ending to a book than this one. I was a mess. It was not a happy ending--but I still had no idea --NONE --of what I was about to discover.
I was devastated. At first I couldn't move --then I cried -then I couldn't move some more.

I remember at some point going up to the trails, alone, for a long needed walk.

I can't say with confidence that this book is for everyone -any longer --(I thought so at one time).
I use to recommend it to others by saying:
"JUST READ IT". DO NOT READ REVIEWS...DO NOT READ ANYTHING about the author..DO NOT read the blurp..JUST READ IT! (which is still my first choice way to recommend it)
.....but I've now read several reviews.
Many people found the 'start' slow...and it never picked up for them. I didn't at all. I was intrigued with the dialogue. It begins in a hospital. At the 'very' start, you don't know the ages of the characters, why they are there, or even what country they are in.
It begins in the middle of the night.

In the middle of the book... There is a VERY LONG WALK...
Two people walking and talking....

If you are a person --who has a deep appreciation for walking in the woods with one other person ---none of this may feel slow to you....(it didn't me) ....
However --if you are looking for ACTION -- this isn't THAT book...

I suppose this is either a book you LIKE --or you DON'T LIKE ---(not much of a 'middle-of-the-road' type book).

For me...I was engaged with the entire journey --and the complications between two men and a woman.

I didn't deeply hurt until the end, which still hurts 5 years later. (less intense, but I can still feel sadness)

Most --I guess, I want to thank my friend...Debbie... for 'LIKING' my one sentence review yesterday. I'm guessing she may understand....
........some books hurt like losing and old friend....
........re-visiting those same books again years later --can breath new fresh life into us.
This has happened to me!

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message 1: by Bill (new) - added it

Bill WOW! Powerful review ... sounds like it resonated with you on a very deep, emotional level. Thanks for sharing - I think I'll check this one out!

Elyse Thank you Bill. (soooooo much!)

message 3: by William (new) - added it

William Wow! Also! What a review. Now you’ve done it!

Elyse Awww, William? If you ever read this book.. and don't yet know anything about it or the
author -- I still think the best way to read it.. is by not reading much - or anything about it.

It's differs I suppose one could say.
It was on most BEST BOOKS LISTS of the YEAR when it came out. So.., some people felt its power & value.

And.. Thank You, William!

message 5: by Melanie (new) - added it

Melanie After that review, how can I not add this to my HUGE piles of books:-)

message 6: by Zoeytron (new)

Zoeytron Wow, Elyse. You sold me and then some! And I'm not going to read another word about it until I have it in hand.

Elyse Zoey --I hope you like it! Lets chat about it when you have finished. ok?/! :)

message 8: by Suzanne (new) - added it

Suzanne Nice :)

message 9: by Zoeytron (new)

Zoeytron Elyse wrote: "Zoey --I hope you like it! Lets chat about it when you have finished. ok?/! :)"

You bet!

message 10: by Esil (new) - added it

Esil I've had this one to read for a long time Elyse. Thanks for the reminder.

message 11: by Sara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sara Steger I never heard of this book or its author, but after your emotional review how could I not want to read it. I love all the passion you bring to your reading Elyse, because I know that feeling of aching over a great book and it is something much sought and seldom found.

Angela M I read this awhile ago , Elyse and it took my breath away . Passionate review!

Elyse Zoey.. deal! It's a date! :)

Angela.. Thanks...
I'm guessing ... that many people.,( me included) .. never wanted to write a "review"
of this book. I sure didn't.

Melanie: thank you....
You know.. something else .. happened to me a little over a year ago - July- that brought me back to this book again- then-
so.. I guess I can say this book has a
permanent lasting life effect.

Sara: thank you so much. Yeah.. this is probably always going to be a book that 'stays' in my memory --it wouldn't take much for me to have tears.

Esil: much of the book might feel quiet..
like those walks you do... only add another
person & some camping ..,,
you know you'll read something sad .. as books you've read before.. ( so you're prepared)..,
but I'm pretty sure - you - like me- will have a
pretty strong reaction- but not until the end.
I 'hope' you like the 'whole' book. I was hooked on the first page. But that was me.
I'd sooooo love to talk with you about this one - one day! ( I know how hard it's getting to read 'other' books too with what we do).., lol

message 14: by Iris (new) - added it

Iris  Pereyra Elyse, the fact that you can write such a powerful review 5 years later is a testament to both the emotional impact it had on you and the fact that you have obviously been blessed with an amazing memory! Going to add this and follow your advice not to read reviews before I read it....

message 15: by Gearóid (new)

Gearóid Brilliant review,Elyse!

Elyse Thank you Gary!!!!

and Iris... I'm so tempted to say something to you, as I was to, Esil... ( but I'm not going to)..
after I will.
Thank you... I hope you enjoy the journey in the book.

message 17: by Deborah (new) - added it

Deborah Blanchard I need to read this book after such a heartfelt review. Bravo!

Elyse I think it's a rare than when you finish a book ... nothing is ever the same again! .. so, yes.. I think it's very worth reading.Deborah!

message 19: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Smith Sounds intriguing, Elyse. I think I'm going to have to read it!

Elyse I think one 'is' amazing Andrew. I'm pretty sure you'll like it.

message 21: by Ellie (new) - added it

Ellie Thanks for another wonderful review Elyse. This book has been on my list for some time. I'm moving it to the head of the line, thanks to you!

I read a wonderful interview with the author-he speaks to the issues in this book very powerfully and movingly.

Elyse So.. You must know about this story more than many - Ellie? Yes? And -- yes.. It is.

message 23: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Smith Your review is captivating, Elyse, and I trust you on these matters - so it will be read. Thanks :)

message 24: by Melanie (new) - added it

Melanie Looked for this at Half Price Books today, not at that location but I will keep looking!

message 25: by Deborah (new) - added it

Deborah Blanchard Used on Amazon for a penny plus $3.99shipping

message 26: by Carol (new) - added it

Carol Yikes Elyse! I'm trying to catch up on reading reviews and saw this one. Added it

message 27: by Sara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sara Steger Elyse, I ordered this today on the strength of your review and will begin reading as soon as it arrives. Can't wait to see if it affects me as it has you.

message 28: by Sue (new) - added it

Sue Elyse I was just looking to write some books down on my Christmas wish list that are in paperback - the emotions that you had at the end are similar to what I had after reading "A Little Life". I am adding it for sure. I have seen it in bookstores for a long time but was not sure I could handle a war story but I will give it a try now! Thanks!

message 29: by Shai (new) - rated it 5 stars

Shai Great review. This is one of my favorite books. I listened to the unabridged audio. The reader was fabulous, handling the stream-of-consciousness style so perfectly that it almost felt like was was a comfortable guest in the protagonists brain.

Though I listened in English and have a copy of it in English, I also have the original Hebrew. I've read snippets of the Hebrew. And I noticed a pretty significant difference that you might be interested in: in the Hebrew, aside from paragraphs. There is NO punctuation. No commas, quotes etc. not even periods except at the end of a typically very long paragraph. I think it's a missed opportunity that the translation retreated from the commitment to stream-of-consciousness that the Hebrew version embodied.

I presume the publisher was afraid of scaring people off.

In any case, it is still great in English anyways.

One of the many impressive aspects is how a male author was able to do so well writing from inside a woman's brain.

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