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By Midnight by Mia James
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Jan 06, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: read-2-hated, paranormal-vampires, genre-young-adult
Recommended for: People who like whiny, bratty, un-likeable lead characters
Read from October 15 to 16, 2010

*Taken from my original review on my blog*

Not gonna lie, the cover intrigued me, and the back of the cover synopsis just built on that curiosity. However, when I began reading it, everything went downhill. Fast.

Mia James is a pseudonym used by Tasmina Perry and John Perry.
Quite frankly, I was surprised that a woman of her age had written, or at least contributed towards the writing of it, as I was genuinely convinced a young woman of around 18-21 (one who was rather shallow, immature and unimaginative) had penned it. Truth be told, given the final product, using an unrelated nom de plume was probably the best idea they had.

From Page One, Word One, all this novel did was remind me of why I stopped reading "teen" romance. I was determined to get through it though, after all, it had sounded interesting, and I paid $15 for it.
The entire book, my main feeling towards the novel, was annoyance.

You've got your classic "I'm-16-and-know-everything-I-won't-listen-to-a-word-anyone-says-even-though-I'm-quite-possibly-wrong-treat-me-like-an-adult-but-I-want-to-act-like-a-child" herione. Yes, I realise there's a great many teenage girls who are like that, but there are plenty, myself included, who aren't or weren't.

I wasn't able to relate to the herione at all, as apart from the overall lack of character development (for all characters), she is a whiny, selfish brat (don't even get me started on her air-brained, social-climbing, neglective, shallow, selfish mother), and while this is typical of teenagers, it pushes to the extreme, thinking of herself without any thought for anyone else's thoughts or feelings to the point of blind ignorance and arrogance.
She would throw a tantrum when not given a direct answer to something she thought she should know, which she may have done, but while spouting things like 'stop treating me like a child', and 'please treat me like an adult', she would scream and carry on and tell people she 'hated them'.
She could never commit to anything, feelings or actions, and stereotypical of this current generation, cared about nothing more than the latest trends, parties and snagging a boyfriend. {Quote; "I don't want a destiny!...I want a boyfriend! end-quote}.

She also had a rather irritating, for myself anyway, desperation to fit into the 'cool crowd' even though she knew they were nasty pieces of work and she'd be better off without them, ignoring the advice of many people, including her so-called 'friend' to get into a taste of 'glamour'.

The novel itself was also rather dragged out. It could probably have had about 50-60 pages shaved off, if over-describing of scenes (something J.K Rowling is guilty of) were cut, and seemingly pointless and irrelevant scenes altogether (seemingly for the sake of making the book longer) were also removed.

The ending was a dead giveaway for a sequel, however, I have no intention of ever reading it, when, if at all, it is published.

All in all, I would give this a 2 out of 5, simply because the murder mystery itself was rather well plannned, and I will admit to being mildly surprised over the outcome. However, I would not recommend this book, unless you love torturing yourself, and I don't plan to ever re-read this title.
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Trina I think you have completely hit the nail on the head with this review. I am barely half way through this book started it last week and have no desire to pick it up. But just like you I paid waaaaayyy too much money for it and need to finish it. I was hoping if I kept reading it would get better but now I won't be holding my breath.

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