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Ten Things I Love About You by Julia Quinn
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Aug 07, 11

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Recommended for: Julia Quinn fans, people who like regency and/or witty, fun, humourous romance
Read from October 26 to 27, 2010 — I own a copy, read count: 1

*Taken from original review on my blog*

I love Julia. I've actually only read two of her books. No, wait, three (at 30th October 2010). But I want them all. She's an absolutely brilliant writer. She has a sharp wit, and a formidable sense of humor, and it's almost impossible to not enjoy her novels.

I also especially love that she writes in series, or at least follows the same families for more than one book, and in fact in this particular novel, she incorporates plenty of minor (some major) characters from a half dozen or so of her other books, which I thought quiet ingenious.

Characters: Well, quite simply I loved the characters. There were no wishy-washy 'walk-all-over-me-and-i-will-grin-and-polish-your-best-stilettos' types, just those who felt duty bound to make the right decisions to benefit their entire families rather than just themselves.
Of course in the end, duty went out the window and love prevailed, and everyone, including the family had their happy ending.
The character depth was unforgettable, and they developed well, overcoming the shit life chooses to throw your way.

The climax happened long enough before the end of the book, so the resolution wasn't snap-your-fingers and it's fixed (which I hate, cause what's the point in having shit happen if you're not gonna drag it out for some lusted after emotional anguish?) and in fact the resolution was one of the most humourous and memorable scenes (in my opinion, anyway) of the book.

The plot was great, not too simple and not too complex, as too-complex plots intended for one novel just end up a mass of confusion and unresolved tension cause everything happens too quickly, and unfolded as a nice pace, but it wasn't predictable as some might expect. Of course the ending was, it always is in a romance novel. If the main characters don't end up together, than it's not a romance, but that's beside the point.

Highly recommended with 4.5/5

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Julia Quinn
“Is your head bothering you?" Louisa asked. But she wasn't paying much attention. Frederick, her ridiculously fat basset hounds, had spotted a fellow canine in the distance and was yanking on the lead. "Frederick!" she yelped, tripping on a step or two before she found her footing.
Frederick stopped, althought it wasn't clear if it was due to Louisa's hold on the lead or outright exhaustion. He let out a hugh sigh, and frankly, Annabel was suprised that he didn't collapse on the ground.
"I think someone has been sneaking him sausages again," Louisa grumbled.
Annabel looked elsewhere.
"He looked so HUNGERY," Annabel insisted.
Louisa motioned toward her dog, whos belly slid along the grass. "THAT looks hungery?"
"His eyes looked hungery.”
Julia Quinn, Ten Things I Love About You

Julia Quinn
“I can imagine no greater bliss than to lie about, reading novels all day.”
Julia Quinn, Ten Things I Love About You

Julia Quinn
“If he was planning to attack and ravish, he gave no indication of being in a hurry to do so.”
Julia Quinn, Ten Things I Love About You

Julia Quinn
“Don’t tell me your name. It’s likely to awaken my conscience, and that’s the last thing we want.”
Julia Quinn, Ten Things I Love About You

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