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Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter
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Feb 16, 12

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6 months have passed since Kate accepted the offer of immortality and Henry's hand in marriage. 6 months separated from her lover, exploring the world with best friend James by her side. Now she's to return to home, be officially inducted as Queen of the Underworld and spend her eternity in Henry's arms. Right? Well... she's not exactly treated to the welcome home she imagined. Henry barely even speaks to her, lest embrace her in a passionate kiss that you'd expect from lovers who haven't seen one another in half a year. And then things go from bad to terrible. Just as Henry is about to crown her Queen, daddy comes to crash the party. Cronus, a Titan who fathered the six most powerful Gods is beginning to break free of his prison from the darkest pits of Tartarus. And not without a little help from dear, psychotic daughter Calliope. When Henry, Walter and Phillip are kidnapped, Kate, James and Ava set off on a journey after the only person who may hold the key to saving them.... Persephone, of course. Because what's a complicated love without digging the knife in deeper?

I liked that bit of spice Persephone brought to the novel. She definitely shook things up with a couple of characters, and her banter and rivalry with Ava was fun to watch. Our initial impression of her was a little bitchy, but as time wore on you see more sides to her unfold and I enjoyed how forward she was. She doesn't shy away from things, she speaks her mind and while that doesn't always make her the most likable, it does make her the most interesting.

I didn't particularly feel that spark between Kate and Henry. Throughout most of the novel Kate is constantly questioning Henry's love for her and she seeks a lot of reassurance from others, rather than bombarding the man himself. I'm glad she did eventually force him to be straight with her, giving him an ultimatum because damnit, he's was infuriating! Give the girl a few words to show her you care, at the very least. You did marry her, after all! But Henry isn't exactly well versed in the art of romance. He may have been around for thousands of years, but clearly no one gave him lessons in How To Show Your Feelings 101.

Whilst these aspects kind of annoyed me, I could understand where each was coming from. Kate needs something from Henry - she gave her mortality to spend forever by his side and this is how he reacts when she returns to the Underworld? She feels a lot of insecurity and confusion. And don't we all crave some sort of validation? It's hard committing your life to someone you're not 100% sure even cares. But Henry has been burned badly in the past and trust doesn't come so easily to him. Giving another power to reject him again is a big step, plus he's still hung up over Persephone. I wanted to shake him by the shoulders and say GET OVER HER, ALREADY. Persephone never loved him back and he's brooded over that unrequited love for a loooooong, long time. So I could understand the root of their feelings, I just wish it didn't drag on for so much of the novel. After so many pages, it gets a little tiring. I wanted more progress in their relationship.

I also would have liked a front-seat viewing to a particular showdown that went on near the end, but that's just the action-loving side of me mourning the absence of a gritty battle. The ending is definitely a shocker. I knew there would be cliffhanger from other reviewers, but that? I did NOT expect to happen and uh... I really don't know how I feel about it. I'm interested to see where it's taken in the third book. Frustrations over the lack of communication with Henry and Kate aside, I still did enjoy this installment. Drama, heartache and a scorned Goddess do not write a recipe for a happily ever after. Goddess Interrupted is rife with confusion of the heart, ghosts of the past, unexpected betrayal and one very pissed off Titan.

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