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Ascend by Amanda Hocking
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Jan 08, 2011

it was amazing

With bittersweet feelings, I bring you this review of 'Ascend'. This is the last book in The Trylle Trilogy. It is just as enthralling as the first two books in the series. I am not giving spoilers here. You will want to experience the evolution with the cast of Trylle for yourself. Some may cry, some may cheer, but in my opinion, Hocking has written one of the best series in YA fantasy.

We left Wendy in 'Torn' engaged to her friend Tove. They really are a perfect match for each other and would be the strongest King and Queen Trylle has had in a very long time. The problem is that neither is in love with the other. That hasn’t changed in 'Ascend'. Their friendship and their sense of duty play a big part in the final book. Finn is still the brooding tracker, handsome as ever, and just as dedicated to his duty as Wendy and Tove are to theirs. He is also still in love with Wendy. Willa and Matt had developed a forbidden relationship and that hasn’t changed in 'Ascend'. But, will they be able to be together in the end? Ah, that is a question. Willa does a lot of growing in this book and her relationship with Matt has changed her for the better. I think you will be surprised what an eye opener Matt has become for Willa, whether they are able to stay together or not, his influence has left a lasting mark. Elora was having a rough time the last we saw her, and you will learn so much more as to why she is the cold hearted Queen we know her to be today. And Loki, the gorgeous, sarcastic, and strong Vittra Markis. No one knows if he is a good guy or a bad guy. Does he truly have feelings for Wendy or is he playing her to gain strength for the Vittra? Well, this gets answered in 'Ascend', and man oh man, it will be…interesting. He brings a spark into the mix that is fun and scary at the same time.

I think I liked and was annoyed by each character of this book at some point or other. I was annoyed at Tove for being so nice and responsible, but liked him because he was so nice and responsible. To me, he poses a threat to Wendy finding true love. Wendy annoyed me for putting the kingdom first over her own happiness, but then I liked her because she really grows up and takes life by the horns. Remember this, Wendy is forced to do a lot of growing up and becomes quite the woman to be reckoned with. Finn I wanted to slap because he has never fought for Wendy like I wanted, yet I liked him because when it is all said and done, he loves Wendy and does want to be with her. Elora has been so cold and distant, but she does something in 'Ascend'' that just melted my heart. And Loki. I think he has become one of my favorite characters because he’s just one you want to hate, but can’t. Regardless of his ultimate role, I appreciate his sharp wit. I laughed out loud at some of his come backs.

I can’t give away the ending, but I can give you my opinion of a few questions I know I had before reading 'Ascend'. What happens with:

Wendy and Finn? What should happen.

Wendy and Tove? Not what I hoped for or expected.

Wendy and Loki? Lots of fighting and a truce.

Wendy and Elora? An understanding.

Wendy and the Vittra King? An understanding.

Wendy and Matt? He will always be her big brother.

Another thing I can say is there is a big battle coming between the Trylle and the Vittra. This battle is key and we get to see some awesome troll powers at work.

In the end, I agree with all the decisions each character makes. I think the evolution and growth of the characters to be unique and this book doesn’t fit some generic mold of YA fantasy. I did feel twinges of sadness at some outcomes and joyous grinning at others. Some will die, but the future of the Trylle ends up in the best hands. I will say that much. Hocking has mentioned on her blog she has toyed with the thought of a possible spin-off with some of the minor characters. So, here’s hoping we haven’t seen the last of her troll world we have grown to love. Don’t hate me for not doing spoilers. I promise this is a good read! Nothing will be left unsaid or undone. I hugged my Kindle when I was finished.

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message 14: by Hope (new) - rated it 5 stars

Hope Welsh lol, it's 5 days. ClOSE. Post please :D

Julie OK. I posted it! Just for you.

message 12: by Hope (new) - rated it 5 stars

Hope Welsh Help. It won't let me find the reviews, now. I'm not sure why, sigh.

Julie I don't know why it didn't save before. Try it now.

message 10: by Hope (new) - rated it 5 stars

Hope Welsh Oh man. I can hardly wait. I never heard of Amanda Hocking a month ago--and I swear, I'm her number one fan now.

This young woman can do amazing things in this business. Her talent can only increase.

The sky is the limit for her.

I think I'm going to start a fan club...

And, sigh, I'm 50--not 19, and I loved her books.

I have no idea how she can do what she does in such a short span of time. I'd love it if she got a 7 figure deal with NY--but I'm darn glad she's staying Indie now and producing great books quickly.

Thanks Julie :D

Danielle M Wait is the book out yet? This reviews implies that it's out already and I checked on my kindle and I couldn't find anything!

Julie I read an ARC. So, it's an early review since the 15th is close. :)You will like it.

Ruzaidi Villafane Esquilin Try looking for it again, cause I also have a kindle and was able to read it. I'm in love with this story. It was beautiful!!!!!

Julie She made the comment before Amanda released the book. :)

Danielle M Thanks! I got it! It was a really good book! I liked it a lot... can't wait for her next one :)

Pamela (view spoiler)

Julie Strong feelings show you connected to the book. I did too. Love this trilogy. Go back and read the scene with Loki, Wendy, and the King towards the end. That scene is everything she does and I think you missed two key things there. ;)

Everyone has their preference which is the great thing about a love triangle. :)

Glad you enjoyed the books!

Stephenie  Black Seriously, you thought this book was enthralling? Did you see any similarities to Twilight? Maybe the scene with Loki and Wendy? I was a little stumped by the abrupt ending of the infatuation with Finn?

Amanda Braid This book was amazing, I remember buying the first one and then having to go out and buy the other two and I just couldn't put them down.

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