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The Roar by Emma Clayton
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Jan 04, 2011

it was amazing

In the book The Roar, by Emma Clayton, relationships basically shape the outcome of the whole population of the Earth and the Earth itself.

The setting takes place in London,England. The government built three levels to London since the whole population of the world occupies it. The Shadows are where the poorest of the poor live. The Barford North is where people who aren't quite poor but aren't middle class either. The Golden Turrets is where rich people live on the very top of London and are the only ones that see the sky.

The plot is about how all the animals "supposedly" caught The Animal Plague and started eating people. So the government gathered Earths population and threw them in London. Then the government "supposedly" poisoned two-thirds of the world to a point where nobody can live there. For 43 years humans were stuck behind a wall eating mold just to stay alive. Until Mika's twin sister, Ellie, was kidnapped. Mika never believed she was dead and entered a competition to find her. Turns out that Mika and Ellie were mutations, and they were not the only ones. They can move objects with there minds. Ellie's kidnapper, Gorman was going after Mika now because he knew Mika had the powers too. When Mika got over the wall he found out that everything was a lie, an the richest people in the world were greedy and wanted the Earth to themselves. As a result, they invented The Animal Plague. The only reason Mika flew back over the wall to meet Gorman was because he still had Ellie. But Gorman would only agree to let him see her was if he would be part of his kid army. Mika said yes and took Ellie home. When they hugged each other they sent out a message to the kid army telling them to go over the wall. That there was still

Relationships shape the main characters, Mika and Ellie, as two siblings that would go to the ends of the Earth for each other. When they're together again the whole world wakes up.

I would definitely recommend this book.

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