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Aurelia by Anne Osterlund
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Jan 04, 11

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** I first saw this book some time ago in a book store, but never thought to pick it up because of the mixed reviews everyone gave me. So last week, I though "What the heck! I've got nothing to lose!" and I'm very happy to have read it.

Aurelia was an intriguing heroine whose position is one that one doesn't see often. There's a secret plot to assassinate her and there have been several near chances, but she doesn't even know it. But what I really loved about Aurelia is her character. She's bold and rebellious, but also well moraled with her own ideas for the people. Being the Crown Princess of Tyralt, she gives the people hope for a new light in their future. She enjoys going into town dressed up as a peasant to get to know her people and their welfare, while many would cringe away to such an ordeal. Her brilliance brings such a great story and I anxiously await the next book, Exile. Of course, Robert was a lovely hero, bringing Aurelia the light she needs to survive. Through him she finds out the assassination plot and through him do they discover who is behind it all. The scene where the carriage almost ran over Aurelia and Robert had my heart pounding so fast that I could not think. The way they dived over the cliff and clutched onto the crumbling rocks to escape the carriage was spectacular. And being a person who knows a thing or two about horses, I was immensely surprised at how they ran directly at danger and harm for themselves. The other scene, the final scene with the hired assassin was also just as heart pounding- maybe more. I could hear the warning bells ringing when Chris told Robert to come an hour later on Aurelia's request. And then Aurelia being stuck in the ring with the assassin was so dramatic. I also loved Horizon's loyalty to Aurelia, despite the horse's first impression on her. And the scene where Marcus Gregory died had be jumping for joy for Robert and Aurelia. Also the duel between Robert and Chris was so well thought out and when Robert plunged his sword into Chris I could almost see the blood oozing out and pronouncing his death.

The only reason I gave Aurelia four stars was because Melony was the one behind the assassination. I was incredibly disappointed that after all that drama, Melony was the one. Stupid, Melony who was nothing but a sister to Aurelia and liked to flirt with men. I mean really? It irritated me that Melony wanted to become Queen when her personality said nothing of it. And the random surprise where the king reveals to Aurelia that Melony is truly his blood daughter. I guess the whole "You wouldn't expect it" comes into mind, but this was just dull. I suppose being a huge fan of Philip Pullman's The Tin Princess didn't help, because I was expecting more political intrigue that would make me feel so alive. It was too short to finish and say "Yes...it was Melony. Sorry, Aurelia..." But I think Melony will turn out to be an enticing villain in the next books and perhaps much political turmoil will bring me to love that Melony planned the assasinations. Still, Aurelia's choice to leave was a phenomenal ending and I cannot wait to see where the future book takes Aurelia and Robert.

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Anne Osterlund
“I am done living my life in the confines of others' dreams, waiting to live my own.”
Anne Osterlund, Aurelia

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