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The Girl with the Silver Eyes by Willo Davis Roberts
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I loved this book when I was a kid, so I was happy to find it stood up to adult reading. It's refreshing to find a tale of psychic children who use their powers not to save the world but to make their beds, harass their babysitters, and generally act like kids. The conflict arises from misunderstandings between kids and adults, not some evil opposing force.

In short, there's no "with great power comes great responsibility" here, just good old-fashioned fun. And it is old-fashioned in a certain sense--the book is very definitively set in the late 1970s, with fashion and child-rearing attitudes reflecting the time period. But I think it would still be enjoyable for a modern elementary or middle school student.

My memory had the book running much longer, so I was surprised to see it ended where it did. Pity the author never wrote a sequel.
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Colleen I'm glad you revisited this book, as it gave me a chance to rank it and add it to my "read" shelf too. I got it from my sister, and I enjoyed it both as a child and as a YA. And I agree with you about the conflict and its source. I appreciated that this book was written from a child's point of view - everything was focused from a "they are out to get me" and a "I really dislike X" level. It was simple, almost shallow, compared to some more recent similar books. There wasn't any real Big World attitude. It was all about getting away from the "bad guys" and figuring out what to do next.

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Nicole I'm not sure I ever read this one. Maybe I'll have to track it down at some point - sounds fun :)

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