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The Quiet Gentleman by Georgette Heyer
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Jan 04, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: regency-mystery
Read in January, 2011

3 ½ stars. Good regency mystery. Enjoyable collection of characters. A small amount of romance is secondary to the mystery.

Gervase (Ger) is the heir. His mother ran off with a lover which caused Ger’s father to hate Ger. The father remarried and had a second son Martin. Ger has been away for a long time. The Earl died. Ger now returns to his inherited entailed estate. Martin inherited everything else. Ger’s cousin Theo is living there and has been an excellent manager of the estates in Ger’s absence. Ger’s friend Lucius (Lucy) visits. Martin’s mother the Dowager also lives there. She is haughty and boring. She asked Drusilla to stay with her to keep her company while Drusilla’s parents were traveling. Drusilla is plain looking, perceptive, very smart, and has a lot of common sense. Ger was in the military and is a highly skilled swordsman. He is handsome, intelligent, calm, quiet, and amazingly courteous to Martin and the Dowager who are rude and dislike him.

Ger’s life is in danger. There are several attempts to hurt/kill him. Martin is the obvious suspect because he is very open about his hatred of Ger. His other motive is inheriting the estate.

A secondary story involves beautiful Marianne. Almost every man who sees her wants her including Martin, Ger, and Lucy. In order to spend time with her, Ger hosts a party.

As an audiobook, this was a pleasant way to spend time. The best parts were the characters. The author is so good at pulling different types of people (whom I’ve probably known and forgotten about) into the story. Although Martin is kind of a bad guy, toward the end of the book I was enjoying his character – maybe because he was so open and never tried to hide his thoughts or feelings. He couldn’t control his emotions and acted without thinking. He was angry blaming Ger for everything in his life that went wrong. Ger told someone that Martin never sees beyond his nose. Martin probably had some smarts, but they weren’t visible through his immature rants and rages. I was chuckling over Martin. He was fun to read about.

The main story is a mystery – who is trying to kill Ger? It was good. I didn’t feel like we are slowly unraveling clues at the author’s whim. It’s not a traditional mystery of someone dead, and the rest of the story is figuring out who did it. This is a series of harmful occurrences that we are living through.

There is a bit of romance at the end, but there is no developing romance during the story. It’s more of a respectful friendship. That was ok, but I would have liked more emotional something.

The narrator Cornelius Garrett is one of my favorites. He’s good.

Unabridged audiobook length: 10 hours. Narrator: Cornelius Garrett. Swearing language: none. Sexual content: none. Setting: 1816 England. Book Published: 1951. Genre: regency mystery.
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