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Princess in Love by Meg Cabot
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Mar 06, 11

bookshelves: ya-contemporary, 2011
Read from February 10 to 12, 2011

Princess in Love
I read this book as I loved the voice of the first two books. And I wanted to get back in Mia’s head because I wanted the MC in my WIP to have a similar voice. Although she is going to be17 and not 14 so I am not quite sure how that’s going to work besides that I am going to have fun while I write it.
So this is the book where Mia finally has a boyfriend, Kenny her Bio partner, but instead of feeling ever so greatful and happy like she thought she should feel about finally having a boyfriend, she is trying to figure out how to get out of the relationship without hurting anyone feelings. Added to that, it’s almost finals and the winter dance and well she just doesn’t want to complicate things this time of year. Except that it is complicated because she really likes her best friends older brother.
I get why she likes Michael. But I wish she wasn’t so damned hard on herself. But that is also what makes this book so fun. Is that Meg Cabot has a way of writing completely in Mia’s perspective (as this is a diary of course) that lets us see who Mia is and how that is contradicted by how Mia perceives herself to be. Also we get a really good feal for he supporting characters around her even though we are only seeing them through Mia’s eyes.
What I kept thinking most as I read this book was about Gramma. Or Grandmere. This women is diabolical, and yet just when you think that you can’t take any more of here, she bends and you see a flash of humanness to her. And this is great, she is so much different from the movie portrayal yet works so well in the medium of writing. It’s like having a loveable bad guy.
This book had foot thumping in glee squeeling moments when you think that everything is going to turn out okay, which it eventually does, but also goes awry along the way. Because lets face it. Mia is only 14. She still has a lot of the world left out there to experience. And being that age you are easily mortified by the simplest things. Sigh. I remember the boy crazy days of summers long ago. The crushes and the wondering if they will crush back.
Also I LOVE the poems that Mia writes. Especially the math related ones of her crushing on Michael.
I laughed out load several times. I really liked this installment. It doesn’t cover a huge chunk of time neratively; it is focused and I like that. It is a series for younger readers than myself, but I like that I can get through these books fast and that it doesn’t take a huge emotional toll or time toll. It is like dessert, I would say an ice cream Sundays. It’s got a lot of variety to it, and yet it is completely fun.

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