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River Marked by Patricia Briggs
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Jan 03, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: action, fantasy, werewolf-shapeshifter, fantasy-other-world, humor, strong-women, mythologhy-base, nature
Read in March, 2011 , read count: 2

** spoiler alert ** ahhhh... Mercy and Adam... have been living together since the trailer was destroyed... and a wedding is 6 weeks away...

the story begins with Adam away on business, so Mercy is going to have over night with Kyle and Warren... and she stops by Stephans to bring him too (he hasn't answered the phone in a week)... she is concerned with what she finds... Stephan is depressed, and not caring for his group - he lost 2 to the evil vampiress, so Mercy, without showing sympathy tells Stephan he's coming to movie night, he's taking some of her blood, and he either has to accept what happened, or join her in going after the vampiress... he snaps out of it somewhat, and gives his group some kind words to feed themselves, and goes with Mercy... (and later Adam arranges for him to go to Oregan to find more for his group... and Kyle & Warren feed him for a while)... and Mercy gets a call from her mother telling her that she wasn't able to find any doves or pigeons for the wedding, but she decided butterflies & gold balloons would do as well...

When Adam returns, she asks him if they could just elope, with just Jessie & witnesses... it takes 2 days for the priest to be available... and Mercy is wearing her bridal gown (jessie says why waste it?) and Jessie is wearing her bridesmaid dress (again)... and when Mercy steps into the church... she slowly realizes all she loves is there... her mother, with the help of Adam, had decided planning a wedding was too stressful, so they planned her elopement... Bran and wolves were there, her halfsisters & mother & stepfather were there, the clan were there... and a few fae & Sebastian...

then they leave the celebration, he takes her in the truck & a trailer - a very fancy trailer... and doesn't tell her where they are going... they end up in the Columbia Gorge, border between Washington and Oregan... to a campsite near Maryhill (founded by Sam Hill) with the Maryhill museum and stonehenge replica.. a campsite that is green with full grown trees, and a gorgeous bathroom/shower - better than many hotels... at first Adam told her that he did security work for the owners, and they invited them to stay there before it opened to others... a bit later he tells her that a fae owns it (explains alot)... their first week is wonderful... sex, love, food, running (as wolf/coyote), hiking, swimming...

they have one fight (when he defensively tells her the trailer & campsite are a gift from the fae), but they work their way through it... Mercy remembers some sage advice from her mother, to find a balance between the good wife and herself - and Adam has a nice line that goes something like, Trouble seems to follow me, and he turns and says to Mercy, hello trouble... : ) and throughout the story, she throws in how happy she is to be married... how happy to be able to touch him whenever she felt like it, to claim ownership of him, etc... as his mate, they are uniquely tied... and he gives her a chain with one of his dogtags - a chain she can wear inher coyote form...the River Monster has taken 30 + people - and was called for by the otterkin - faes (like selkies) that were magically restricted to this section of river...

then one night, they come across a fishing boat with a man moaning inside, part of his foot bit off... they rescue him... and 3 Indians come in a boat - shaman... when she goes into thegui water to push the boat, she feels a plan wrap around her leg, and when the boat pulls away because of the frightened, injured man in the boat, but she has been marked - a deep cut in her leg... the shaman gives her a salve to help heal it, but she still carried the scar... latter, when the shamen meet with her & Adam, one of them who had been marked by the River Monster, and tries to kill Adam... RT

and then Mercy meets her father - sort of... first, a ghost comes to her, dances, and then disappears - and she recognizes him as her father... and then Coyote comes to her - an original spirit of Mother Earth - who had created her father - Old Man Coyote - and was him, and yet wasn't him... and Coyote sends them with the shaman in training to look at the pictographs, and to tell them the story of how Coyote defeated the River Monster the first time (taking 9 knives)... then Coyote calls forth other Mother Earth spirits (including Wolf - interesting when he meets Adam, his first werewolf, and cant' decide if werewolvves are good or not)... and they make a plan... the River Monster can't take Mercy (who is part Coyote), soo the Spirits will fight the monster, knowing that they would lose and be consumed by the monster - the monster becomes insenstient while it is digesting the spirits, giving Mercy time to kill it - using stone/obsidian knives - to cut through her skin to her heart.. and then she uses the fae staff (that comes when she needs it) to stab the heart, turning it to ice and pulls it out... killing the monster... she barely makes it to shore, where the otterkin want to kill her for taking her monster from them... but Adam, in wolf form (couldn't change back to human after met Wolf spirit) - she faints, and when she wakes, Adam is human, naked - and she sends him for clothes - she has a broken leg & kneecap, and needs 15- stitches... Adam takes her home right after the emergency room . and she is an unhappy camper... Sebastian finally comes to her, and helps her find a better balance...

we get some indian legends... some indian spirits, a playful, intelligent Coyote that revels in chaos... some history... some geography - I want to visit maryhill some day...

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