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Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione
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I LOVED this book. Great way to start a series. Loved the "Axis of Evil" (the three brothers) very much. But I did find Eidolon and Tayla's relationship a little weird. I understand that they got the hots for each other but DUDE (and I mean Eidolon), remember she's your enemy, LOL! In my opinion, he tolerated too much crap from her LOL. And then she'd just run to his arms and fall in love. Just like real life!! (sarcasm) LOL.

Anyhow, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be starting next one on the series ASAP.

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Taryn at My Secret Romance I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series! It is sooo hot! Kynan and Conall...damn....I love their voices.

Happy Reading!

Carolina Thanks! Don't know who they are yet. I'm just starting chapter 3 =P But I'm loving all 3 demon bros: Eidolon, Shade and Wraith (he might be rogue but he's got some serious appeal and he sounds a lot like Zsadist!).
I have heard A LOT of awesome praises for this series. So, it was about time I started reading it.

Taryn at My Secret Romance Shades book is very hot...I really liked it a lot. Kynan is a side character but he really had an effect on me *sigh*. Conall, you won't hear about him until later in the series, I think. I can't remember where you meet him, but the last book is about him....make sure you are standing next to a freezer while reading these :p

Carolina Thanks for the advice! I noticed before though. When I got to chapter 2 and Eidolon and Tayla got it ON, I instantly shooed my aunt from my bedroom, LOL!

Taryn at My Secret Romance LOL!! Just wait until you get to Shades book, I thought his sex scenes were smoking hot!

Carolina Ooh I just got a glimpse of Kynan. HOT, a total gentleman and the military type *swoon*

message 7: by Taryn at My Secret Romance (last edited Jun 14, 2011 05:25PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Taryn at My Secret Romance Oh, yes! Let me know when you meet Conall or Con...but I don't think he comes in for a while...

message 8: by Carolina (last edited Jun 14, 2011 05:37PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Carolina Ok... Gotta say: WHAT A SHOCKER! He's an Aegi Regent?? OMG!! I never would've guessed. I'll devote myself to this book now. I'll try to finish it tonight =)

Of course, I'll let you know when Conall comes to the picture ;)

Taryn at My Secret Romance It's been a long time since I've read those books, but that sounds about right. I think he keeps it on the DL too, if I remember correctly. Or maybe that was Arik...

I loved those books, but I think I loved Kynan even more....I would read just to find out more about him.

You make me want to go and read them again....maybe I will...

Carolina LOL, you should! From what I've read is SMOKING HAWT!
I'm torn with Kynan. I mean, I like him, but I dunno if I should fall for him because he's basically "the enemy" (Noticed I sided with the demons? lol)
And from what I've read, Lori (the wifey) seems cruel and manipulative. I haven't got that impression from him, but who knows. I'll keep you posted as I advance =P


Carolina It's Gem, right? LOL. She's got the hots for him, so I'm willing to bet it's her.

Taryn at My Secret Romance Well, it was kind of easy to figure out *hint hint* LOL but my lips are sealed. AND it doesn't happen for a few books :) HAPPY READING!

Carolina Ha! I knew it =D. Finished this one (LOVED), will be picking up the next in a couple days =)

Taryn at My Secret Romance YAY!! Keep me updated...

Carolina Sure will =)

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