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Strange Piece of Paradise by Terri Jentz
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Jan 03, 11

Read in January, 2007

Read this book while I was commuting back and forth on the Caltrain from San Francisco to San Jose a couple days a week for my last clinical practicum. Was working at a county inpatient psychiatric unit at the time. This book is a true story written by a victim. She and her best girlfriend were savagely attacked while camping. The crazy mo-fo drove over them in their tent, while they were sleeping, with his truck, and then got out to hack them up. Totally TERRIBLE!!!!

Now I know I'm probably making people not want to read this book, but it this is the real deal. Being in my line of work and having never experienced a trauma for myself, this got me as close as I think I could get. The author is an amazing writer. The detail and imagery is unreal. I listen to people talk about their traumas on a daily basis and not all storytellers are created equal. She is so smart and has so much insight. It is no wonder she has coped so well with her horrible experience.

Her attacker was never found. She and her friend both lived but needless to say have a weird, distant relationship now. In the book, Jentz revisits the town trying to piece together the story and find her attacker many years later. The towns people act suspicious and closed off. Oneself starts to fear for her safety while she's investigating. This lady is one fearless, BAMF. Almost to the level of destructive.

Anyway, makes for fantastic reading but this is not for the faint of heart. I did burst into tears at one point on the train and became slightly paranoid for a day. Lol. It was worth it.

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message 1: by Lynn (new) - added it

Lynn Mcclelland Really...could have used spoiler alert. Attacker never found....

message 2: by Lynn (new) - added it

Lynn Mcclelland However, you are not the only one to provide that must just be me that is bothered by it. Sorry.

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