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Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
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Jul 22, 11

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Read from July 11 to 17, 2011

And so I have dubbed the Boringson Crusoe now and for all time!

Really, I knew what I was getting into as I had tried to read this in paper form previously and made it about 3/4 of the way through before nearly dying of exasperation and finally setting the book aside. I find everything easier to swallow in audiobook format (where I am half focused on washing my face or cooking dinner usually anyway). And so, yes, I too have faced and conquered Boringson Crusoe to the very dull, slow, repetitive end.

If you're having doubts about my harsh judgment of this book, here are the reasons why I think that Robinson Crusoe is boring:

1. The first 1/8th of the book takes place before he gets stranded on the island = boring. But, in retrospect, probably one of the more interesting sections of the book.

2. In the next quarter of the book, he tells you all about all the things he pulls off of the shipwreck.

And then he reads you his diary, where he tells you again (in exhaustive detail, I might add) all the things he pulls off of the shipwreck.

3. His adventures on the island include making raisins from grapes, growing corn, beating stakes into muddy earth, and worrying about if his gunpowder will get wet. Oh, and he rescues a cat from the shipwreck that then has kittens, which have kittens, etc., until cats are equal to vermin and he kills them as such.

And then he kills some cats.

And then he kills some cats. (Having deja vu yet? Uhhuh.)

And then he kills some cats. Oh, and he keeps some for pets and drowns their babies.

And yes, he does mention all this at least four times throughout the novel. It is, apparently, very important that we understand that he kills cats like vermin.

4. At least the last quarter of the book takes place after he leaves the island and rejoins the world of man. It is filled with entirely random, rambling stories that have no point to the plot at all.

Reading this book is like living on a desert island for twenty years. Finishing it is like being rescued from that island.

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