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Night Star by Alyson Noel
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Jan 01, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** So in this book Ever and Damen continue to fight their way through their problems- which are:
1)Her best friend, Haven, has turned against her and onto the dark side. She blames Ever for everything-especially Roman's death.
2)Her hesitation for her love for Damen. Time and time again she continues to question their love and wonders if Jude will be a better match.
3)Sabine now knows that Ever works at the store as a 'fortune-teller' you could say, but she thinks Ever is just doing it for attention. This makes their relationship increasingly unstable as Sabine refuses to believe that Ever has any powers and think she is making it up for attention.
4)Like Sabine, Miles also finds something shocking- a picture of Damen and Drina together from centuries ago. But will Ever and Damen be able to give a logical explanation?

This book picks right up from Dark Flame. I've got to say, I didn't like this book that much. I guess I should have, considering that tensions and emotions were running high and all, but it just didn't appeal to me. We have, yet AGAIN, Ever questioning her love for Damen-I mean, while I understand it may have looked bad when there was that scene where Damen was dragging Ever way from her family, she could have stayed and heard his explanation. I mean he's waited for her for FOUR HUNDRED YEARS! He does deserve some sort of leniancy and consideration, right? But no. Here we are, alll over again, she goes running to Jude. Does she EVER learn?

Then we have Haven. Oh My Gosh. This girl is just pure annoying. Theres one thing having a good, strong villain, then there's another when it's some whiney 16-year-old dark immortal who wants attention and revenge. I mean, she could have considered Ever statement of not killing Roman, but no. You would have thought that considering Ever was her best friend that maybe she would have at least heard her out. Well, not here. So I'm guessing the lesson here is listen to your boyfriend and not your best friend?

But wait! Lets not forget the fact that Damen and Ever STILL don't have the antidote! I mean, come on! This is just getting ridiculous! I don't even know what the goal is here anymore. Are they going to get the antidote? I mean there are so many questions still unanswered. But I find it interesting about the whole 'evil part of summerland' thing. Who knows what it could be? Maybe everyone from shadowland will come out and try to kill Ever! And why were Misa and Marco there? Strange, odd, yet strangely interesting!

Also, Damen is a great character and all, i mean I love the guy, but I really don't think Ever and him are meant to be. I mean, they've been chasing each other for 400 years, and Jude just turns up by nature. It looks more like Jude and Ever to me. But I do hope Damen and Ever find a way to be together forever because they are a great couple :)

So overall,this book was okayish/good. I loved Miles, he's just an amazing and funny guy who lighten the series and gives it a specail touch. However, I feel like this series is ending too fast for me because I feel like nothing much has happened. It doesn't feel like 5 books written already. It feels like 3 or something, because the plot has been stretched out so much. Its like Evermore was its own book, and Blue Moon-Night Star is a series. But, nevertheless, lets cross our fingers and wish Everlasting, the 6th book, a well finale!

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