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Mistress by Mistake by Maggie Robinson
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Dec 31, 2010

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Free Kindle Charlotte Fallon and Sir Michael Bayard's story.

I don't mean to mean but I didn't care for the writing structure. Maybe it was just my formatting on Kindle I don't know. Usually when there is a break in time, there is a literal space or a chapter change. I was constantly confused when one moment the character was thinking something and then the very next line, she/he is doing exactly what they were just thinking. For instance, one moment she was thinking about cutting out and stealing paintings and the very next line she was tied to a chair and caught at a pawn shop awaiting punishment. I was so confused. There should have been a break. This happened alot.

The next complaint is that there seems to be introduction of characters that weren't needed. On Jane Street, what was the purpose of the plot to introduce Laurette or Lady Christie? They offered no advance in the story at all. I see that this is book 1 so maybe it was necessary to introduce them because they are going to be the new characters in the next book but it was a terrible set up. After Charlotte left Jane St, there was no mention of them again and they did nothing to further the plot. They were not interesting enough to capture my attention for a follow up book. Generally if there are going to be a series you have to make those secondary characters apart of the plot or story so that readers will want to come back. As it is right now, I am done with the books.

The beginning plot itself was good and it caught my attention right away. With Charlotte's sister leaving her behind to replace herself as the courtesan as she ran away to get married. Of course the set up to dislike Deb was immediate and I did want to read on to see what would happen.

For the life of my I have no idea why Sir Michael Bayard found Charlotte interesting or why he fell in love with her. Nor do I get why Charlotte fell for him. Especially when he tied her to the bed. I am ALL for kink and if you read my other books and reviews you'll see but that was bodice ripper to me. It also took a long time for all the love to sink in and in the mean time, I could barely tolerate them.
I did like how they eventually got together at his estate and I did like that part of the book. It helped me try and forget all the stuff I didn't care for in the middle.

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