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Chasing Rainbows by Victoria Lynne
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Dec 30, 2010

really liked it
Read in July, 2006

This book was very enjoyable. It was my first try of Victoria Lynne's writing, and I was impressed. I like western romances, but there are just sooo many of them out there that they start to all sound the same. Not so with CHASING RAINBOWS. Victoria Lynne has breathed new life into what could have been a tired plotline with her wonderful characters.

The character were what made this story so good. I thought that they would be cliched. After all, we have the woman who dresses like man, as well as being able to ride and shoot as well as one. We have the gunslinging gambling hero who can outdraw anyone in the west. But they were all so much more than that. Lynne's characters quickly became real people as the book progressed. They were flawed, but not so overly flawed as to be unlikeable. That's a difficult feat for an author to achieve, and I applaud Lynne for a job well done.

She also gave a very good feel of frontier history without having it ever feel like a textbook. Her historical background was just that--the background. The main focus of this book was always the romance, which is just as it should be.

I also liked that lust wasn't the only thing that was drawing the hero and heroine together. Oh, they were sexually attracted to each other, all right, but there was so much more than that. They didn't just rush into bed together. They changed from adversaries to lovers so subtly that it was pure magic for the reader to watch it happen. And while there started out as adversaries, there was none of that "I hate you, come here so I can boink your brains out" nonsense that I find so distasteful in so many historical romances.

The only drawbacks to this story was that the "I love you"s were a very, very, loooooong time in coming. Instead, the author used a Big Misunderstanding to keep them apart. I generally don't like this plot device, but Lynne handled it so well that it was only a minor complaint.

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