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Crazy by Han Nolan
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Dec 30, 10

Read in December, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I found this book to be very interesting. I mean, a character that has a whole cast in his head? A boy who is living with his mentally ill father who lives in the past of Greek epics? Not something you see every day. Obviously, it caught my attention.
Overall, I did enjoy the book. Jason's teenage voice was captured very well. I really got to know him, and learn more about his past.
However, a few things bothered me about this book; when Jason's friend Shelby looses her mother, he has a huge outburst. Then, when talking to her the SAME DAY she lost her mother, he makes a few unnecessary snide remarks. Seriously? Should he not know what it's like since he lost his mother as well? Additionally, while Jason possess a realistic voice, some of his actions don't quite make sense. It takes him a while before he realizes that putting his father in a center will help him, and that he can't do everything himself. I understand his past and all, and that it would make him see things a little differently. It obviously wasn't black-and-white to him. But honestly, if your father pushes you down the steps, steals a violin worth a million dollars, and asks you in all honesty where Athena is, does that not raise a red flag? Could you at least admit he needs help, and is beyond your control? Jason couldn't do this for quite some time. The plot itself, while sounding interesting, isn't executed very well in my opinion. I was reading not because I wanted to know what would happen to Jason or his father, but to read more about Jason himself. I ended up caring more about his past, and putting the pieces of the puzzle together, than caring about what was presently happening.
I would recommend this book, though it's not perfect, it's an interesting take on the secret life Jason leads behind closed doors.

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