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Eternal Prey by Nina Bangs
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When the renegade vampires killed his brother Rap, Utah goes on the warpath destroying vampires left and right until he encounters Lia, a human leader of the vampires. He's instantly smitten but...she wants to be a vampire. YUK!

A story based on the Mayan calendar which states the world will end on December 21, 2012. Therefore ten immortal vampires were allowed entry into our realm to destroy the dominant species, in this case, humans! This is the third in the series so Nine and Eight have already been defeated and now Utah and Lia must join forces to fight Seven. Utah and his 10 "brothers" are dinosaur shifters. Utah is a raptor and kicks serious ass. He goes undercover with the vampires (yeah go figure) to find the rogue vampire who is stealing vampires from the vampire leader Adam. It's a story in a story which all connects in the end. Utah and Lia are the main characters but everyone is included in the story: Fin (Eleven leader), Kione (Fairy Prince), Jude (vampire leader of Texas) and even Sier (Fin's estranged brother) and of course Zero (leader of the 10 immortal vampires).

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