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Hoot by Carl Hiaasen
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Dec 29, 10

really liked it
Read in June, 2010


In Carl Hiassen’s Hoot, a young protagonist, Roy, defeats an unethical pancake company with the help of two unlikely friends. At the beginning of the novel, Roy, who has just moved from Montana (one of six moves since he started school) for his Dad’s job, is being taunted and assaulted by the school bully, Dana Matherson. After seeing a barefoot boy running past the school bus, Roy begins an investigative journey which leads to a blossoming friendship with female “tough gal” Beatrice Leep, the mysterious boy’s step-sister, and the development of an inner-strength that allows him to stand up to Dana.

Meanwhile, a series of mischevious pranks are occurring at a local construction site. We later learn that “Mullit Fingers,” Beatrice’s step-brother who is skilled at catching mullit fish, is the perpetrator- determined to save the rare, burrowing owls who live and breed on the lot. After a series of events, the teenagers in the community join together to prevent the construction of the pancake house. With the help of Roy’s dad, Roy is able to prove that the pancake house knew about the protected owl population residing on the property and reveals that they illegally failed to file necessary documents related to the site’s habitat and animal population. The construction of the pancake house is stopped and the area becomes a protected environmental area for the local population to enjoy. Bully, Dana Matherson, is in jail after a series of well-formulated tricks cast by Roy and “Mullit Fingers.” Mullit Fingers escapes the police and goes back to living on his own in nature.

Possible Audience:

Male students who are interested in the environment (recycling, preservation, animal protection), who want to stand up to bullies, or just moved. Female students, particularly a female soccer player like Beatrice, could also find this interesting.

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