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Pet Shop Lullaby by Mary Ann Fraser
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Dec 29, 10

Pet Shop Lullaby is a must read for all lovers of cute, fuzzy animals. In this story, the owners of a pet shop close the store for the evening, leaving all of the animals in the dark to get a good night’s sleep. The animals in the pet store quickly learn that not all animals sleep at night time. The pet shop hamster is keeping everyone awake with his squeaking and nibbling! The other animals take turns trying different ways of getting the hamster to go to sleep. They give the hamster a bubble bath and rubber ducky to play with. They try reading the hamster a story about three little hamsters, and finally tuck the hamster into bed. By the time the hamster falls asleep, it is day time, and time for the other animals to be awake. Now, the hamster can’t fall asleep because the other animals are keeping him awake!
The illustrations are what make this book so wonderful. The author uses a classic cartoon approach that children are very familiar with. Based on the pictures, the reader can tell that the author has spent lots of time studying hamsters. There are adorable pictures of the hamster sitting in his food bowl, standing on his hind legs, sitting in a bubble bath and walking around with over-stuffed cheeks. The facial expressions on all of the animals featured in the book, especially the hamster, are priceless. The irritation felt by the animals when they cannot fall asleep is very evident, as is the innocence of the hamster.
Children participating in a library storytime would be the perfect audience for this book. Even the youngest of children will love this story. This book provides an excellent opportunity for a storyteller to have fun with animal sound effects, and to engage the children in the story. Children will love identifying the animals in the pet shop and will enjoy pointing out the funny things the animals are doing throughout the story.


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