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Bloody Jack by L.A. Meyer
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Sep 30, 11

really liked it
Read in August, 2011

I bought this book first, since I work at B&N and I was hungry for some pirate books (which this isn't actually, but is close enough). When I read the first chapter and found that the entire book is written in first person with the voice of someone with a cockney accent, I knew it would be a better read as an audiobook. So I returned the book and bought it again off

And I was right. The narrator does an extremely good job with the accent. So, if you want to read this book, I recommend getting it off audible and listening to it.

I actually really enjoyed this book. It probably deserved more of a three and a half rating, but I rounded up because of how much I enjoyed it. The reason why I might have given it a lower rating goes thus:

The first thing that I noticed (but didn't bug me too much) was that the author didn't know how to lead into a story. Plot is supposed to force the character to make choices; but I think too much of the time, Jacky would have made the same choices with or without the plot. As a writer myself, I noticed this flaw. Others most likely won't. Just saying.

Secondly, the ending felt too abrupt. When it ended I was actually taken aback, wondering, "Wait. That's it? That's the whole book?" Which is probably why I started the second book. So as a marketing technique, it works.

There were some other small flaws, such as a lack of leading up to the romance. I felt like I didn't know the love interest as well as I should have. Also it could have used a bit more action and a stronger plot.

Still, I actually would recommend this book to any pirate lover. I really liked it and got attached to the main character and her cockney accent. Brilliant.

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