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Bumped by Megan McCafferty
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Dec 28, 2010

it was ok
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Read from April 03 to 05, 2011

I did another video review for this one (and if you want to watch it, you can here.) But if you're not into video reviews, here's a brief written review, in the language of Bumped:

It was like, rilly rilly all about young girls pregging for money. Like, for seriously young. But it was okay, 'cause they were being, like, patriotic, and all the hot girls go Pro anyway, and it's just a delivery, so who cares? And if creepy old guy agents are making you major bank on that pregg, and your creepy parents are encouraging it, and you get to bump with like, the hawtest hunkaspunk in, I dunno, the whole Uni, then why the eff not, right? And, so, yeah, sometimes people die or have, like postpartum pyschosis, but it just means that they are rilly, like, not ProAm material, they are totally neggy.

But there are these Churchies, too, and they are total creepers who believe in keeping their preggs and having like, lots of them. And they want you to have god, and be obedient and whatevs, but maybe they wouldn't mind a little erection perfection themselves... But, yeah, they're still creepy.

So when these 2 sisters, one who's totally going to bump with, like, the cockjockey, and one who's like a total Churchie, get together, it's like for seriously predictable, and is rilly gonna get banned for like sex + religion stuff. Like total Sexigion. And yeah, some neggy people are going to be all like "Oh, where's the science? Why don't they just do like, artificial bumpage, blahblahblah" But that's just cause neggy people don't get it, right? Cause it's satire, bitches.

Oh, and it for seriously ends in the middle of a scene in a rilly irritating way.
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04/03/2011 page 75
22.0% "I'm not a squeamish or fluttery person by nature, but Jesus Christ, this book is making me feel like a naive homeschooled girl, fresh off the farm and plopped onto a porn set. It's not that it's dirty, per se, but...my god. (btw, I'm guessing on the page count, I'm reading an e-copy)" 5 comments
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Heather I can't wait to see your review on this. Seems like dystopian YA novels are the new things nowadays.

message 2: by Tatiana (new) - added it

Tatiana I think this sort of thing can really drive me crazy.

Lamia You have to admit something, though. She incorporated slang really, really well. I for seriously want to use words like pregging and neggy in real life.

 Mummy Cat Claire Great review. It made me laugh. Now if I could talk Heather into dumping this book, I'd be really happy. See Heather, Dumb! Misty said so.

message 5: by Cassy (new)

Cassy I have never seen a video review before. Very cool! I think I'll pass on the book though.

Misty Lamia - There were a few slang words that I did think were well done or made sense. But it still felt...fake to me somehow. I mean, I know it's satire so it's supposed to be over the top, but it didn't feel genuine, even with that factored in.

And to be clear, I didn't hate this. I really don't know how I felt about it, I've been vacillating back and forth. I don't think it was great, but I think it was oddly interesting, so if you're not put off, it doesn't completely NOT merit a read. (If that made any sense...)

message 7: by Luann (new)

Luann Wow, great review, Misty. It really gave me a sense of the book. I enjoyed your video review as well. And with so many other great books waiting for me, I can see that this is one I don't need to rush out and get.

message 8: by Becky (new)

Becky Ech... Pass. I think I'd want to slit my wrists after reading an entire book written that way... satire or no.

Misty lol.

Thanks, Luann!

message 10: by Tahlia (new)

Tahlia Newland OMG. Sounds like it needs serious editing.

message 11: by Kara (new)

Kara Is that how the characters talk in the book? I'd barf by th end of chapter one.

Either way - hilrious reviewi

Parajunkee wow - best review ever. Rilly.

Misty lol

SallyHP For rilly, rilly! ha! (don't you mean, why the 'thump'not? I loved that they used that, or hump. Can't wait for Number Two!

Ashley So, I started this book last night and was like "What the hell?!" Because the slang was making me crazy. I couldn't even remember why I had requested it except that it is by Meg, who I love. But, now that I've read your review, I think I'm just returning it. =) Perhaps I'll try it when I won't find it so annoying.

Misty Will there ever be a time you won't find it annoying? You have to either commit and get used to it, or let it go. And IF you commit, you may find yourself starting to say some of these things. I found myself think rilly for days afterward.

Ashley I just, don't know if I could get used to it. Do you think it is worth it for me to try? I didn't turn it in yet because it seems interesting....

Misty I'd say it depends on how long your irritation lasts. I wasn't thrilled with the book or how it ends, so if you're not feeling it for a good while, I wouldn't stick with it.
But it is a pretty quick read, and it gets pretty weird, which can be interesting. Even though I didn't really like it, I didn't hate it and will probably read 2 to see where it's going.

Stephanie (Stepping out of the Page) I'm only on page 60 and it's making me want to tear my hair out. For seriously. Absolutely great review, though!

Misty Hahaha. Yeah, it took me awhile to get through the hair-pulling stage. lol


message 21: by Bee (new)

Bee LOL!! Love it!
For serious, this review is rilly perfect.

Meredith come cheak out he quiz for bumped

message 23: by Fake (new) - rated it 2 stars

Fake Name Reading it now, and... yeah.
One thing is that this could be very easily missed, but it is said that artificial impregnation isn't an option. It's not said why this is, but there is a minor comment about how "petri-pregging" won't be an option (the slang is killing me!!! "Fertilicious?" Rilly? I am seriously negged.

Misty Hahahahah! I laugh again every time someone comments on this review and the slang makes it's way back into my head. It's just... half serious-funny, and half whaaaaaaaaaaa-funny. Some most of it is SO DAMN CHEESY.

But yeah, I'm sure there was a "reason" that in vitro wouldn't work, 'cause without that, where's the story? Just like I'm sure there's some "reason" that only teens can get pregnant in this world, because again... the concept only works w/i her very specific parameters. Which are ridiculous.

I'm sort of curious to read book 2, actually. I think I've had enough time in between to act as a buffer, and it's just so ridiculously over the top, I feel like it'd be interesting. Or a good drinking game... Hmm...

message 25: by Bekah (new)

Bekah That is the best review I have ever read! I saw this book and decided to check here for ratings and reviews of it. You are now my favorite person!

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