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Phantoms by Dean Koontz
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Dec 28, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: horror, syfy, thriller
Read in February, 2011

What a truly gruesome book! It was awesome! It's been a long time since I"ve read a book that could make me cringe and give me the creeps as much as this one did.

Koontz and King continue to be my 2 favorite authors for accompling both. Though they get the job done in ways unique to themselves.

I've read a lot of Koontz's books over the years, but most of them have been more recently written. I'm not sure I ever knew Koontz could be as gruesome as this.

It was violent, senselessly violent, and the detail of all the gore was so...exact that it was impossible not to vividly image each and every scene. Don't misunderstand the "senselessly violent" remark. I don't believe Koontz's writing was senselessly violent. I believe the violence of the Phantoms was senselessly violent. It was supposed to be. That was the point. I like Koontz did a remarkable job of portraying that. When violence happens, as is our nature, we want to make sense of it. We want it to be for a reason, a cause, a defense, etc. The Phantoms have no such belief.

While the book is Syfy, I think Koontz did a bang up job of making it seem completely plausible. He even went so far as to back up his fictional story with true events. He incorporated them so seemlessly into the story that it makes you pause and wonder, and maybe even worry just a touch. :O

I especially love the question he poses at the end. (This is me paraphrasing and/or my take on it.) Were we created in the image of God/Devil? Or did we create God/Devil in our image?

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Debbie OMG Kristi! This is one of my all time favorite books by Dean Koontz and it was actually the first book I read by him when I was 12. I'm 40 now if that tells you how long ago it was! I remembered being curled up reading this book and thoroughly enjoying it while being creeped out and fascinated by the whole story. This and Watchers are my two favorite books by him and I wish he still wrote in this same style because I sure do miss it. This book is what hooked me on him for a very long time and made him one of my favorite authors. So glad you enjoyed it. It really is quite gruesome but excellently done. Now I am going to have to dig it out sometime soon and read it again!!

Kristi Now, see I'm the opposite (as far as when I started reading Koontz). I caught up with him around the time of Frankenstein/ Odd Thomas. Slightly earlier, but right around there.

I love his newer style, but I thoroughly enjoy the old one/gory one too.

I wish I would've known about Koontz back when I was younger. I knew Stephen King & read his, but not Koontz. At least I'm wasn't the only teen/pre-teen enjoying being gored-out. LOL. And no worries on how long ago, I'm only 3 behind you. ;)

Debbie Well, if you enjoyed this book make sure to check out more of his earlier work. I know you will enjoy those too - very scary but thrilling as well. :)

Kristi I have a touch over the years. The only one so far that I remember not caring for was..."Midnight". Don't remember if that's the full title or just part of the title.

My husband, my bestfriend, and her husband all raved about it. It took me 3 tries to read the darn thing. I didn't really care for it. And I didn't find it creepy or scary at all. But I've proven time and again, I'm a touch different. ;)

Debbie Nothing wrong with being different. Everyone has what appeals to them and what doesn't, regardless of every one elses opinions. It was midnight and that was one that I really enjoyed too. I can't guarantee that you will love everything, but thankfully he has a very large library of books to try out!

Kristi Yeah he does. Lol.

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