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Jan 24, 2012

it was ok
Read from January 06 to 23, 2012

no.. just... no. un. fair.
there was one part in this book that pretty much destroyed all meaning of this story to me (view spoiler), but apart from that, i was pretty much bored throughout this book (notice how long it took me to read it. i think that is a record for me right there). i realised that i was only really paying attention to scenes with Ren in it, and there were a lot less than i thought there would be, so that's a down side. aside from that though, Cremer is a pretty good writer, and i did start paying more attention towards the end.
(view spoiler)

oh, right, and that was a shit ass ending! just completely, utterly and totally crap! not a happy camper with this! and i had such high hopes for it too! i mean, after reading that first chapter after i finished the second book, all i wanted was to get my hands on this book. i was so, so, so excited for it! i finally get the book, i read the first chapter, get really happy again, but then from there.... it's basically dead for me. a few scenes got me started up again, one in particular actually (view spoiler), but other than that... blah!

- i just felt that i had to conclude with his name.


this is gonna be all about what's-his-face. ah! stop forgetting his name! Shay! that's the one. well stuff him! I want Ren! but.. i think everyone knows how this is going to end: Calla and Shay. Warmed up to Shay in Wolfsbane. A lot more. He doesn't bug me so much anymore. But still, Ren... Shay... Ren... Shay... Ren...
pfft, Ren!

heya peoples first chapter here:

awwwwww... Ren is such a stud. and a sweetie. and adorable. and dangerous. and an alpha. and hawt! Go Ren you hot young thing! If Calla doesn't want you, I'll take you! I'll take a sexy young thing like Ren any day. God, I feel like a perv. and sheesh! did i just use 'God' and 'perv' in one sentence?
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Quotes is mee... kissa Liked

Andrea Cremer
“Our kisses were so full of need, so long, so fierce that I could hardly gasp for breath.
(Calla and Ren)”
Andrea Cremer, Bloodrose

Andrea Cremer
“Oh gods! My eyes!" Connor covered his face. "My innocence!"
"Shut up, Connor," I said, both relieved and disappointed by the interruption.”
Andrea Cremer, Bloodrose

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01/06/2012 "i've already read the first chapter, but i have got to read it again, just because i love it so much."
46.0% "i find myself unsatisfied. i was hoping for lots of Ren, but i'm not getting much. i guess i know now why i was giving this series 4 stars: Ren. The way this is going (practically Ren-less), i'm gonna give it 2 or 3 stars."
01/23/2012 page 339
83.0% "oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. has the part i've dreaded finally come?" 4 comments
01/23/2012 page 342
84.0% "nooooooooo! my baby, nooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
01/23/2012 page 354
87.0% "this book... no longer has meaning for me. ='("
01/23/2012 page 376
93.0% "right... anyone into bestiality then?" 3 comments

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Carrie Kaut we've discussed this already...shay is gay...hes gonna find a nice like man wolf and settle down and adopt lil wolf cubs...and whats her face is gonna marry Ren...

is mee... kissa hehe! i just re-read that conversation. that was entertaining. =D
of course, of course. gay Shay. that bit will probably happen in this book. It's gonna be about love isn't it? So, Calla's gonna realise that she's head-over-heels in love with Ren, and Shay is gonna realise he's gay. Calla and Ren will get married and live happily ever after, and Shay will remain gay.

Carrie Kaut omg thats her name!!!! i knew i knew it! calla ...anyways shay is gonna marry a nice boy named Ian and marry him...every guy ive met with the name Ian has been gay so his bf's name is gonna be Ian lol if this series ends with her not being with Ren im gonna be so ticked lol

Carrie Kaut lol i love how it says is true love gonna be the ultimate scarifice...if its shay shes scarificing then yes...yes it is...if its ren no ...shes gonna kill everyone and stay with

is mee... kissa so now you've got a name for Shay's man. I've only met one gay man in my life... that i know of. He was soooooo tall.
sorry to squash your hope, but i think it's most likely she'll end up with Shay.

ahaha! i don't think it's Shay she's sacrificing. We'll probably know what they mean when we finish Wolfsbane, since it apparently finishes in a cliffhanger. =S stupid cliffhangers.

Carrie Kaut NOPE NOPE calla will not end up with shay shes gonna scarifice him...shes gonna fall for ren and marry him like she was supposed too and then when shay is like wth?? shes gonna be like stop kidding yourself! your gay! and then hes gonna sit in a lil closet thinking about it and when he pops out of the closet hes gonna be like by george she was right!!!! now i just gotta find a big strong man to adopt wolf cubs with...

is mee... kissa bahaha! well you do have a great imagination. I could totally see it happening. It sounds exactly like Andrea's style. =D

Carrie Kaut see!!! its gonna happen!! thank god because if shes not with ren im gonna have a book burning lol...not really thats like blasphemy to me but still the idea is there!

is mee... kissa well. if it doesn't happen in wolfsbane, surely it will happen in Bloodrose, right? no need to go on a book killing spree.
ahahah! i just gave myself an image of you running around bookstores and grabbing all the Wolfsbane books, throwing them outside and setting fire to them while you do that 'mwahahaha' laugh. bahaha! too funny.

Carrie Kaut o please the bwahahahahaha laugh?? no no no no no i would do the baby laugh from house of a 1000 corpses... bad quality but it gives you the idea lol...

is mee... kissa dude! that was a freaky laugh! i ain't never wanna hear that sound come out of a persons mouth.

Carrie Kaut lol my friend and i can do the laugh cause one day we were drunk and wondering if we could do it after awhile we got the hang of the laugh so i can do the its a good movie though the girl is rob zombies wife dude he got to marry a knock out lol

is mee... kissa you can do the laugh? sheesh!
i'd never even heard of this movie until you mentioned it.

Carrie Kaut lol my taste in music is insane ill go from led zepplin and hendrix to coldplay to rob zombie to florence and the machines..and of course imogen heap lol basically everything ooooo best song ever the civil wars- barton hallow
so i love rob zombie well the girl who does the laugh is actually his wife because they love horror movies and feel the gore given today is poor and lack the mind raping they used to do so he tried to make some horror movies...this one scared the hell out of me for a couple days...i dont get scared easily but of course i watched it halloween night by myself in the dark MY FAULT lol

is mee... kissa oh! i know one of imogen heap's songs: hide and seek. i like it. it's peaceful..
haven't watched Halloween Night either. i watched Disturbia at night, when it was stormy and thunder was deafening me. It freaked me out. =D i had to stop it. i like scary movies. but watching them alone is just out of the question. who am i to scream with?
is that song countri-ish? my taste runs more along R&B.

Carrie Kaut i was looking all over the country section for that song before i knew who they were there like indie pop lol go figure

Jenna loved reading your conversation, lol. hey! you might want to check out this: TEAM REN right? FREE CHAPTER ONE!

Carrie Kaut of course team ren!!! shay team gay! hhelllllooooo lol the gays would be lucky to have shay lol aw i love my gays...i gotta call robbie...

is mee... kissa Jenna Christy wrote: "loved reading your conversation, lol."
really? is this about the Gay Shay thing? cause here's the original:
=P We had fun

Are there any major spoilers in that chapter? If so, I gotsta fall in love with Ren in Wolfsbane first. Haven't read that one yet yet.

Carrie Kaut i didnt read wolfsbane yet either and on twitter andrea cremer has been blowing up the feed anyways apparently you fall for ren even more and then you like will throw yourself in front of an oncoming train for ren based on the first chapter of bloodrose so i PRAY shay is gay! see he has to be!!! its rhymes! it doesnt get any better than that "hi my name is shay and im gay this is my partner bob"

Jenna @ kissa- i wasn’t spoiled by that first chapter, but I desperately want to read the whole book after reading that first chapter!.. it gave me HIGH levels of hope for REN! :)

and the “shay is gay” idea is so funny but I hope it’s true,lol. his name matches “gay” so much. haha.

is mee... kissa ohhhhhhh! I'm tempted to read it! but it's my order. have to read book 2 first. then i can get on to the chapters of Bloodrose. yay Ren!

Jenna haha, yes, but so just to get your heart plummeting, I read the chpter 1 of bloodrose 3 times! haha.

message 24: by is mee... kissa (last edited Jul 30, 2011 05:20PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

is mee... kissa =O that is cruelty right there! Carrie! she's being mean! =P
well, have you read Wolfsbane yet? if you haven't, i'll enjoy torturing you with how many times i've read it! mwahahahahaaa! i'm eviiiiiiiiiiiil!
ahem - off the crazy train Kissa.

Jenna hahaha, truce, truce! :)
and yeah, that’s the thing with me, i haven’t finished it yet!(hahah, and I’m the one to talk, lol) I wanna have tantrums every time I read a scene with Shay on it. it’s torture enough to have that Shay person. i really hope Andrea Cremer listens to us. I could bet there are more pro Ren than Shay. There’s this contest in a blog, YA bachelor smthng, and Shay isn’t even there! hahaha. REn is of course,hahaha.

message 26: by is mee... kissa (last edited Jul 30, 2011 11:38PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

is mee... kissa oh, you're actually reading it?! damn. how good is it? besides the killing yourself every Shay scene part.

Jenna Besides the fact that I’m almost dying every Shay part, it’s actually good, hahaha. I’m still happy because Calla still thinks of Ren. Seriously! that girl is confused!

is mee... kissa awwwww! she still thinks of Ren! yay! well, is he actually in it, or is he just mentioned in passing? oh! how far in are you? like, half-way? a quarter?

Jenna still halfway. haha. I’m forcing myself to read! I don’t know why I don’t like Shay from the very beginning of this series..anyway, I’ll let you know if there’s more Ren. :)

Carrie Kaut jenna listen i PROMISE its not torture i love shay and ill love him even more when he comes out of the closet! the gays need another hottie !! even my personal gays think so! im surrounded by them lol work in the restaurant industry and the first question is ok whats your orientation lol

is mee... kissa yay! i'm looking forward to hearing more about Ren.

hehe, maybe you should get your gay friends to read Nightshade, then they'll tell you that Shay is obviously gay, thus, you will have substantial proof that Shay is gay, he will come out of the closet, and Calla will get together with Ren.

Jenna haha, that’s so funny because I just told my gay friend to read Nightshade (pushing him to read actually), and I’ll ask him if he can sense if Shay is gay (using his “gaydar”- like radar to detect gay people,lol).

haha, this is just so funny.

Carrie! I hope I won’t be tortured anymore, I wanna finish this book. :)

is mee... kissa of course! the incredible gaydar that all gays seem to be born equipped with. i wouldn't be able to tell if someone was gay if they had a giant arrow pointing to themselves with words in lights saying "i am gay"

Carrie Kaut lol straights can have a gaydar u just have to develop it by hanging around gays lol like my friends cousin ive been sayin to her that her cousin dave was gay ever since we were 14 and what happened you ask????? he has a bitch for a boyfriend...grant is annoying lol

Jenna hahaha, I can’t say I’m that good with guessing if a person’s gay or not, but I had a fair share of my good guesses,lol. So, i hope with Shay now is right, hahaha.

is mee... kissa well, as far as I know, i've only met one gay guy, and i spoke to him for like, a minute. wait no, a second.
=P a bitch for a boyfriend?

Carrie Kaut omg hes such a girl! ok dave is leannes cousin and dave is dating grant, robbie is my bff (wanted to explain so that i wouldnt mess up the story) ok so i explained all this to robbie and he was like what?? he was insulted by that?!?!?! ok so i was going to the city to meet up with dave leanne and to meet grant for dinner..leanne looked like a bum (shes a nurse so she was tired and didnt feel like gettin dressed nice so it was a tee n shorts we call it our bum look) and i was in capris and a tube top and we were joking with each other that were a lesbian couple im lipstick and shes butch so anyways we were walking down the street joking about that and grant was like ugh im slightly offended by that...and i was like really? ur not a lesbian how r u offended...OH IT GETS BETTER!!! lol when we were at dinner i got a multitude of dirty looks for the following topics -crazy mama stories -my fear of hermit crabs (that one shit was sooo big!!) and -my tattoos he saw my tattoos and was like at the end of the night i was like BITCH lol....i <3 my robbie we were gay bar hopping and was heading to sisters (lesbian bar we had a bet to see who could get the most numbers im not gay we just thought it would be fun) and they were charging a $5 cover charge and robbie was like ugh no thank you and i was like whatever lol i didnt care we walked away from there with him saying god lesbians are so cheap lol

Jenna wow. haha

Carrie Kaut exactly this is my life...imagine how confused i am most of the time!

is mee... kissa oh! i want a gay friend! okay, i'm going to use the gay stereotype and ask you, is he girly? kinda? like, the whole great fashion sense and the way he talks and he loves shopping?

you have a tattoo? of what? i would so love a snake or a rose or something like that. or a wolf! but i'm not into the permanent idea of a tattoo, so... no tattoos for Kissa.

Carrie Kaut lol ok robbie is a coupon queen and i call him my failed gay because hes a game show / soap opera whore..he is girly in the way he talks lol and when he gets married he wants me to have a kid for him i dont care i said i would he pays for everything so wont bother me and as for tattoos i have 4 im irish so we need to be branded i have a celtic shamrock on my lower back archangel michael on my upper back takes up most of it actually i have the rosary beads on my ankle and a small vine with flowers and a butterfly on my upper thigh...and as for the fashion sense lol robbie isnt a fashion queen im the fashion queen when we hang out we basically smoke and go down obese street...we eat alot but its only when were together we both have problems with food meaning we hate it lol

Jenna gay friends are humorous and fun to be with. at least as I’ve experienced,lol.:)

is mee... kissa damn. i haven't had the gay friend experience. sounds like fun.

Carrie Kaut lol it all in finding the right one me and robbie are dirty joke queens we met when we were working together ...oh god 6 years ago lol we come up with the most digusting things we were one day coming up with tramp stamp tattoos for gay personal fave is still pump your gas here lol....they are definitely a new experience you sound like kris shes like ooooo i want a gay friend! lol go to a gay bar me and my friends are straight we go! lol even without the gays

is mee... kissa haha. i wouldn't even know where to find one.
=P i myself have a dirty mind. makes everything more fun.

Carrie Kaut lol ok i dont know where your from but if your near a major city (they usually have a gay community) then just go from there i know in philly our gays have there own newspaper and website so yea lol plus there popular gays are over pourers when doing there liquor and they dance! gotta love dancin lol

is mee... kissa hm. never thought about going to a gay club before. still might not go, but maybe i'll go some day. =D with the gay friend.

Carrie Kaut lol straight girls go all the time! its the one place we can go and talk to guys and dance with them and KNOW they arent going to try anything lol plus there fun we went to one for a bachelorette party and they found out and they were screaming they were so excited lol

is mee... kissa heeeeeeeeeeey!!!! i read the first chapter.
so. freaking. good! love, love, love, love, love, love, love it! give me more! give me more!! love it! hence the: awwwwww... Ren is such a stud. and a sweetie. and adorable. and dangerous. and an alpha. and hawt!

Jenna hahaha. told you it was good. not even good,it was awesome! :)

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