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Toil and Trouble by H.P. Mallory
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Nov 24, 12

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*A reluctant 3.*

I'm undecided about this series.

I'm slightly annoyed by Jolie. She spends an awful lot of time humming and hawing and huffing and complaining about things she's not ready for. On one hand, I understand her reluctance. On the other, it's hard to reconcile that against all the people telling her how powerful and brave she is. The end result is a character with a lot of potential who waits til the last second to actualize it...only to go back to whinging and moaning. Taking in the full picture I can't help but feel indifferent about her fate.

On the topic of failed potential, the story includes many interesting elements - a magical battle, a powerful new player, (view spoiler) - but it's all clouded by Jolie's desperate need to sort out her relationship with Rand. She's so consumed by her feelings for him that all these astoundingly important elements get relegated to the background. Granted, her emotions play a larger role within the framework of the story, but I desperately wanted her to focus a little more on the Greater Good than on her personal frustrations and tantrums - plus, her need for revenge. You're going to WAR, for heaven's sake. Grrr.

Sinjin (oh, that name - doesn't the author know how it's tainted for all Jane Eyre fans?) is an intriguing character, but Jolie's interactions with him just make her less likable. While I'm sure the intention was to create a man worthy of the all-too-common love triangle, Rand and Jolie's relationship didn't need any outside sources of conflict; they are fraught with issues all on their own. The result only puts Jolie in a bad light as she manipulates the vampire's affections to her own advantage - something she continuously accuses him of doing.

There's a pronouncement at the end that many found a shock. My reaction instead was to proclaim, "Of course she is..." I envision many more speeches of resignation, quickly followed by internal whining over her lot. As I said, the result is I'm undecided, but I may be willing to give this series one more shot. Why? Um, pure madness, I think.

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25.0% "Usually I have a major soft spot for the moody broody, but Rand's wecanbutwecan'tohgahd! has already gotten verra old."
78.0% "I guess she's back to her normal appearance? Oh, continuity."
87.0% "So any excitement I might have is completely eclipsed by me thinking her selfish. And sorta stupid."

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