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God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
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Dec 25, 2010

did not like it
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Read on December 30, 2010

vonnegut must have written this later in life...

...what is a humanist? a humanist is a schmitt-heel who makes fun of the beliefs of others, at their expense, and offers nothing in exchange...

as cervantes wrote...friend to friend no more draws near and the jester's cane has become a spear.

read this one on my amazon kindle, second book i've read on it, both today...got to wondering...are all the pages here? how would i know? can't fan through them and sniff the cover...or is that against the law by now?

so kurt vonnegut as the narrator, making some money for public radio, or tv...has these near death experiences arranged by dr. jack kervorkian...dr. death as he has been called, never called that in this....story...(vonnegut is a humanist, dontcha know)...

...the only fair game are christians...americans, especially the founding fathers, like thomas jefferson, amazingly....wait not...he wasn't at the end of the blue tunnel in heaven...somehow jefferson is a topic though, as a slave owner, yeah, you've heard the spiel...blah de da, jefferson owned slaves...

....so you, gentle reader, american, deserve to feel guilt the rest of your natural life...cause, well vonnegut is a humanist and that's the intent.

meanwhile, let's all celebrate while barack obama makes fun of those folk in pennsylvania, clinging to their guns and religion....or the rev wright, damns america...no burning cross behind him....but where the fock was the outcry?

well, his face was exposed, there on the pulpit of the all-illinois-e church of the modern christ. no hood, but precious little outcry...maybe the rev is a humanist?

this one wasn't as bad as that other'n (a man w/o a country)...all that ranting...this one at least had a modicum of comedy, vonnegut, choking on his tongue.

two stars is probably being generous....and yeah, sure, okay, tongue in cheek, less of a spear, like that other'n i read by vonnegut, more of the jester's cane, but it's sharp...and hey, that's allowed...he's a humanist.

it's this mentality that allows some wit from one of the major networks to go on the national news and say something about "trailer parks" and paula jones in the same sentence and nobody bats a flocking eyelash. humanism? give me a freakin break.

oh, and hitler was a christian. gosh, who'd-a-thunk-it! "watch out for the christians!" vonneguts writes. hO hO hO! a real knee slapper there, kurt! funny thing is, i'd just completed a read of the brothers karamazov and i'm assuming russia's religions had some sway at the time and thereafter, but we all know about stalin's purges and the state of religion in that country, right? what? was uncle joe a christian?

no...it's not christians one need fear, it's the kind of mentality that thinks writing like this from vonnegut is a hoot. joking you say? okay, i'll buy that, but like i said, the jester's cane has been sharpened and he seems to delight in stabbing all with it and by the time "a man w/o a country" came out, he was a ranting fool.

vonnegut was out of his focking mind...hitler/christian?

what focking malarkey. hitler was first and foremost a darwinian!

this cock-smoking son-of-a--bitch thought he was the head of a superior race and vonnegut insults Christ and his followeres by suggesting this cock-sucker is one of them!!!!

and what is so fucking amazing is the number of shitheels who found this amusing.

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