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Slave by Cheryl Brooks
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This book was well and truly awful. I mean not just bad, but really and honestly horrible. It started out great, great premise, showed lots of promise, but things just went way downhill. A ruffly penis, waist length GORGEOUS curly hair, purring, magic semen (called "snard" for crying out loud), the constant dripping of "coronal fluid" crazy dress-code, nose f*cking (yes, you read that right), public sex, partner sharing, you name it lol

And, to top it off, it was written in a very rambling first person narrative -- it was rather like when you're telling someone a story and you get sidetracked and go off on a tangent for ten minutes then remember what you were talking about in the first place and come back to it.

So, why the 3-star rating?

Because it wasn't just bad. It was Rocky Horror bad lol It was so ridiculous (and absolutely NOT sexy) that I finished it solely for the camp factor.


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message 1: by Rachael (new) - added it

Rachael lol well i think a vibrating ruffly penis would be interesting to say the least IRL .. might put some Vibrator sales out of buisness haha If it was real

message 2: by Kah (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kah Cherub LOL! I actually gave it a try, and let me tell you: there is SO much worse out there.

message 3: by Rachael (new) - added it

Rachael Karla wrote: "LOL! I actually gave it a try, and let me tell you: there is SO much worse out there."

hahahaha what the book or thr ruffly penis ?

hahaha had to add that still getting round to reading the rest of the series

message 4: by Rurae (new)

Rurae Nose sex???!!?? Really? Oh my god! I mean I don't mind kinky but...nose sex???? *is flabergasted*

Jess the Romanceaholic lol it's not *quite* what you're imagining I think, but it was plenty weird even so :)

message 6: by Rurae (new)

Rurae Oh....Okay. I'll admit I was legit horrified. Thanks for clearing that up :)

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