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Romeo, Romeo by Robin Kaye
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Dec 25, 2010

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I got this book for free and having never heard of the author before I didn't really know what to expect. I had seen a lot of good reviews about this book so decided to give it a chance and give me a break from Sophie Kinsella. I did enjoy it more than I thought that I would but I did have a few issues with the book.

We first meet Rosalie when she's broken down and she doesn't have a spare tire. Cue gorgeous mechanic with a bad boy reputation. In many books that I've read you'll be told that the male character has a bad boy reputation but they never actually live up to it, but in this one the reputation was there but not constant. In the blurb you're not really expecting him to have that as he's painted out as every woman's perfect man. Any girl would be luck to have him, apart from Rosalie.

Now, I didn't really get Rosalie's character. She was very hot and cold with Nick which got quite tiring as the book went on. This guy was going out of his way to make her happy but she was acting as though she couldn't care less. She was afraid to love him, but surely it would be nice to have someone that cares that you care about back rather than her previous boyfriend (Joey). The story was told from both peoples POV so you always saw what was going on in their heads before they said it, which was useful especially in Rosalie's case.

Her family and friend Gina made me laugh when they were getting involved in her personal life or when they invited her over for a family dinner. There was always some kind of drama going on where her family was involved, which gave the book more substance and something else other than the whole "will they/won't they" kind of theme.

You begin to see Nick's true colours when Rosalie gets pneumonia and has to look after her and her dog Dave. For me I thought having Dave in the book was actually useful (and I usually hate animals being in books) but in a way he sort of brought Nick and Rosalie closer and he was used when there was humour needed during points of the book. I thought that Rosalie having pneumonia would go on for longer than it did. Thinking about it, it probably did go on for the right amount of time, but more could have been done with it.

The major thing for me in the book was the language used. In particular, when it was fairly passionate she was slip into using slang which took away the... Magic of it, if you like. You're meant to get into it, feel how they feel but then the author could use the wrong word and it doesn't quite fit as well.

Apart from that, I did enjoy the book more than I thought I would. However I'm not sure if I'd read the rest of the series...

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16.0% "Well he doesn't waste time does he? Only been on one date and they're already "seeing eachother" without her even realising! Nice pace to the book, am giggling quietly to myself in some parts. So far it's better than what I had expected."
28.0% "I think that Nick's nicer than his reputation gives him credit for. I'm having a bit of the problem with the writing, it can be nice and sweet then she uses slang and it just doesn't seem to fit. Other than that, it's fine."
47.0% "Nick is actually really sweet (although calling a guy sweet is just as bad as calling him cute, apparently haha). I'm just wondering what's going to go wrong. Something has to go wrong, I can just feel it and the fact that he used to be friends with her brother... That hasn't been brought up for no reason... And I feel Joey may make another appearance..."
58.0% "Gina makes me laugh but she's a bit too interfering for my liking. I also think Nick should just come out with it to Rosalie because otherwise it's going to come out at the most inconvenient time, I can feel it."
77.0% "The dinner at Rosalie's mum's house was such an interesting scene. It was rather messy too. I hope Rosalie and Nick manage to sort some things out, very interested that Rosalie's brother is coming back! That'd add more drama! Although I'd like it if Rosalie treated Nick better... May not happen now though."

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