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Ironside by Holly Black
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Dec 24, 10

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Read in December, 2010

So Corny totally stole the show for me. Again. <3<3<3<3

Kaye, who? :)

I liked the way it was written, very easy to get through, so that was nice, but I didn't like Kaye as much in this book. A lot of the decisions she made in this book, I felt, were really very stupid. I get that people make mistakes all the time, and good on her for trying to make things right, but I thought that for the most part, Kaye was reckless and impulsive, and not in a good humoured, entertaining way. More like WTF is this girl thinking, dumbest life choices EVER.

And I never really understood Roiben/Kaye. What's there to love? Where is the love? I don't see how them as a couple work, and why they supposedly love each other. Attraction, I get, they are both beautiful people, but how that translated into something more substantial, totally went over my head.

That's actually something I never understood in Tithe either, but I let it slide because I was more interested in Corny's tragic gay love affair than anything else :DDDD. I mean you could tell right from the beginning that Roiben and Kaye were totally going to get together, but the union never really made sense to me.

I also feel like the ending sends the wrong message to young people. Kaye has the entire world at her disposal. Money at her fingertips, opportunity lurking around every corner, and what does she want to do? Nothing. No travel, no college, no ambition, no zest for life. Maybe open a coffee shop, maybe not. So apparently once you come into some luck, good fortune and consequently money, you don't have to try anymore, just hang out with your friends and bf and forget that you ever had goals, hopes and dreams.

Whatever. It's probably my jealously talking!

I'm for sure going to re-read Valiant though! Especially now that I know that Luis is gay and is going to have a happily ever after with sweet, sweet Corny!! Yay!

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