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Better Than Chocolate by Susan Waggoner
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Dec 23, 10

bookshelves: chick-lit
Read in December, 2010

I tried to like this book more. It's set in Minnesota, which is always a draw. Other than the occasional weather, mall reference, and allusions to General Mills, it was not uniquely Minnesota.
With fiction, one must suspend belief - it's always a question of how much and for what aspects of the story must the suspension occur. I can't put my finger on it, but something about the story did not ring true. I read the first chapter, gave up, picked it up again, made it half way through and then read the final chapter. Just not satisfying.
Basic premise is that the protagonist's husband invents a chocolate substitute. Tastes and acts like chocolate without the calories (that alone should have turned me off. Love chocolate but don't like fake foods). The company decides to market it by using the couple as a lifestyle marketing. They buy fancy new house, new clothes, get greedy, have fights, get tricked, come-uppance, fall back in love and move to the north woods. It just really felt like the story was trying to hard.
Someone had compared the author's writing to Jennifer Weiner, but I just don't see it. Good in Bed remains one of my three favorite "chick lit/modern female" novels. The main reason is that even though the character was different from me (I'm a midwesterner, I don't have a weight problem), so much of the emotions rang true. Not the same here. And it wasn't that entertaining.

I should point out that with chick lit - I usually give between 1 - 3 stars, so a 2 is still middle of the road for me.

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