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Changeling by Yasmine Galenorn
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Jan 28, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: shifters, urban-fantasy
Read from January 25 to 28, 2011

Story Summary: The half-human, half-Fae D’Artigo sisters Delilah (Shape-shifter), Camille (the slutty witch) and Menolly (vampire) live in a Seattle suburb and work for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency (OIA.) The fae creatures have revealed themselves to human society, so they don’t have to keep that part of their existence secret; but, the fact is that they were assigned to what they call Earthside because the OIA has little to no confidence in their abilities as agents. Recent events proved the OIA wrong, when the sisters managed to stop a group of demons who managed to sneak to Earth to wreak havoc in the name of Shadow Wing, a very big baddie.

This time around, it’s Delilah’s story. Delilah is a werecat. When stressed, or during certain phases of the moon, she transforms into a cute little tabby cat. In her cat form one evening, she senses a larger source of cat magic around the edges of their property. The arrival of a client at her PI office the following day confirms her suspicions. Zachary Lyonesse is a werepuma, and part of the Rainier Puma Pride. The pride has lived in isolation and peace for some years. Now they’ve begun losing members to murder. And not just ordinary murder: whoever is doing the killing removes the hearts and essentially mummifies the insides of the victims.

Delilah begins the investigation with the help of her human lover, Chase. At first, rumors suggest that this is more demon activity. Then clues begin to point at a rival pride. Most ominously, some clues lead to the Hunters Moon Clan, a deadly clan of shapeshifters supposedly created by evil shamen. And, while dealing with this trouble Earthside, the sisters must contain their concerns about the civil war that has begun back home in Otherworld; a war that already involves their father, and could easily involve the three of them, as well.

Review: First, I really truly hate Camille, and I don't mind expressing myself in such a way once in awhile. I am very glad the story switched to Delilah's POV. She's a different sort of character with abilities that continue to grow in this installment. Sure, she freaks out at the most inopportune times and changes into a tabby cat. I laughed when Iris and Dee return from the mall, after Delilah mauls a turkey. During the story, we learn that that she may, or may not have had a twin at birth. A question that still has not been answered, even by her annoying sister Camille.

Next, we find out that her father had to choose sides, and instead, went into hiding like her aunt did. The war on the sisters home world has grown intense. There's also a bounty on each of the sisters heads should they return to their home world.

Of course, there's Camille using her body, again, to get the attention and help from Smoky the Dragon. She's already got Trillion and Morio in her web.

Menolly, on the other hand, I'm actually looking forward to reading about more. Maybe because she really hasn't gotten alot of material surrounding her since she is restricted to the night time. I want to know more about her transformation at the hands of the Elwing Blood Clan. Her story with the Vampire Anonymous meeting was funny. Sassy Branson, another vamp, is also interesting and funny.

So, in summary the girls help Zach's clan out. They run up against Jansshi demons, the Hunter Moon Clan and it's spidery shape-shifters, and a shaman named Kyota. We know that the Autumn King has branded Delilah into being one of his Daughters of the Grave, and that she may or may not have had a twin sibling at birth, and that she has a new ability to shift into a panther. Delilah also may have empath abilities that have been hidden, and now she is able to spirit walk when she is sleeping.

Get it?

Okay! 2 stars. I don't care for Camille, nor the way she treats Delilah. Then again, Mennolly, who is the youngest, does the same thing. I understand that these characters are half-fae, which means they have sex with numerous partners at the same time. I get that. Maybe it's because Delilah and Menolly aren't written in the same manner. Maybe because they don't flaunt their girls like a three dollar vegas whore. End finis.

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01/27/2011 page 82
27.0% "Even thought his is the second book in this series, I'm really having a real hard time getting into the storyline. Except for Deliliah, I don't much care for the other two sisters. Is it just me or does anyone feel the same way?"
01/28/2011 page 152
50.0% "Half way finished with this book. The Vampires Anonymous scene was probably the best I've read in this book. And, the one character who's not a regular Sassy, is perhaps the most interesting."

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