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My Teacher's In Detention by Bruce Lansky
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Dec 23, 2010

it was amazing
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Read in December, 2010

The book consists of poems about schoolchildren, parents, teachers, and principals that is hilariously funny.

Some poems illustrataes the wackily childish thoughts of school kids. For example, "Nobody Knows Where Our Bus Driver Goes" tells a wacky tale about the mysterious bus driver whom schoolchildren meet every day but they may not talk to very often . Poems like "Allergic" by Robert Pottle tells the silly excuses a kid makes to avoid going to school. The kid is allergic to all sorts of things related to school.

Robert Pottle

I'm allergic to pencils
allergic to ink,
allergic to markers
and crayons, i think.

I'm allergic to homework,
allergic to rules.
To sum it all up:
I'm allergic to schools

"Ooh!Ooh! I Know!" by Christopher Cook reflects the funny scene in junior primary school where some students always raise their hands and are eager to answer. When it was their turn, they just forget to listen the question! "Heavy Reading" by Dave Crawley narrates a funny story about a lazy student who drags things on. The little boy has a really heavy schoolbag which carries all his books that 'he didn't read'. He fools around in school and wastes his time on TV and friends. We smile when we read the lines 'it wouldn't hurtto have a little fun. ' In the poem, the little boy luckily gets an escape but ends up in a cycle of procristination as his schoolwork is left unfinished after all. The story is so true to many of students.

Heavy Reading
Dave Crawley

I have some heavy reading.
My book bag weighs a ton.
It's filled with books I didn't read
and work I haven't done.

But there's no need to worry
'cause everything is cool.
I'll do my homework on the bus
before i get to school.

But first I'll talk to Tommy,
and mess around with Lou.
Are we at school already?
I still have work to do!

I still have time to do it
before the class begins.
But first, a game of tick-tack-toe.
As always, no one wins.

There's the bell! I'm out of time!
I still have not begun!
My science, math, and history-
I'll never get them done!

But just when things seem hopeless,
I hear the teacher say:
"Don't hand your homework in just yet.
I'll give you one more day."

The hours passed. I'm home at last,
and now I'll get it done.
But first, of course, it wouldn't hurt
to have a little fun.

I'll Rollerblade with Billy,
and watch TV with Gus.
Time for bed? My work's not done!
I'll do it on the bus...

"My Teacher Loves Her iPod" by Bruce Lansky is about a teacher in detention. This lazy image is portrayed in another poem that follows called 'What's Inside the Teacher's Lounge' by Neal Levin. The word 'ruin' reflects the thought that it's not cool when intelligent people are being lazy. The image of 'doggone teachers', which is a big contrast to the very best lounge. The facilities in the teacher's lounge described in the poem are partly from the imagination of schoolchildren. It has a microwave for pizza, a vending machine selling soda, a giant TV set and beanbag chairs - these are children's favourite things!

Some poems show a very positive image of teachers. 'My Class Has Got a Mr. Know-It-All' by Ted Scheu, as the poet writes he wants to be 'this showy, knowy creature'. 'The Field Trip' by Eric Ode shows sympathy to the teacher who has bad luck on a rainy day outdoors but ends in a humorous way-

'My teacher might feel that this trip was a failure.
I'm sure that was not her intent.
I'll tell her we had the most wonderful time.
I just can't recall where we went.'

The book is a light-hearted reading. It recalls your memories of your days in school and lets you smile when you read the poems.

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