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Snow Angels by James Thompson
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Dec 24, 10

I think the reason I liked it as much as I did is that I am an American who lived in Finland nearly 6 years, and all of the cultural issues Thompson refers to are so familiar to me. I enjoyed seeing how the things that he found worth mentioning are also the things that used to impress me, both positively and negatively. I don't know if the police procedures are correct and I don't know how he learned about them, but everything else is true, to a point--at least, it's Finnish culture as seen through the eyes of an American. I don't know if a Finn would accept it as truth. Reading this book made me think of the worst times in Finland, lonely dark times when I felt I couldn't handle one more thing, when I wondered if someone's behavior was an insult or just a cultural difference. But most of the time, it was great there, and I enjoyed the people and the country and the culture.

I do wonder how the Finns reacted to this book. They are particularly sensitive about how they are seen by others but also very bluntly honest and willing to look at the dark side, so I imagine there must be some interesting reactions!

The only thing that seems wrong is that in my experience Finns didn't "seldom tell each other they loved one another," but *never* said it (it seems to be a point of cultural pride), so I was surprised at the frequent statements of love that came from various men in this novel. Maybe things have changed since I left in 1999.

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