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Evenfall by Santino Hassell
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Dec 22, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: rainbow-gay, post-apocalyptic-dystopian
Read from November 01 to 09, 2011

4.5 stars. It was an absorbing read, no kidding!

Ok, first of all, it was a bit wordy and repetitive, especially Boyd. He kept explaining the same thing from a slightly different angle in consecutive paragraphs. Ok, I got it the first time!!!! Then there was a bit of repetition when a character related events that we saw happening before almost word by word. Ok, I got it the first time!!! Then there were moments when situations were resolved too quickly or conveniently. Then there were times when I seriously doubted they were really that good as agents, when the Agency seemed pretty amateurish. The action was sometimes over the top, etc etc etc stop Manu!!!

Stop because holy frigging cow, Boyd and Sin were frustratingly good. I'm going with the boldest simile I can come up with: many times it was like being on the edge of orgasm, when what you're feeling is great and you know it could be greater, but not quite, so you don't know if you want something less or something more. For all Boyd's navel-gazing (I'm borrowing the expression from Kate Mc, thank you) and Sin's too dark-and-dangerous persona, the way they danced around each other, that long voyeuristic preliminary was sooooo good.

At the beginning Boyd and Sin are almost asexual and anti-social, they wear masks, they keep their emotions behind a wall. I must confess that I thought that Sin would actively try to break Boyd, and then he would have to withstand Boyd's backlash. I thought there would be an initial dramatic confrontation that would cause a long reconciliation. The authors decided instead to mantain a certain void, to make their characters avoid a personal confrontation, limiting their dissent to their job - even if there was always another meaning under their words and deeds. Both Boyd and Sin were threatened by their interaction, the very fact that they tried to accept each other was mining the coping mechanism they had devised to keep their emotional world under control. It was extremely frustrating to read, especially because of the repetitions, but it was also the reason why I kept reading, why I was so fascinated by their relationship.

It's impossible to do justice to such a complex story: the relationship between Boyd and his mother and between Sin and his father, the way they were mistreated by their colleagues, their miscommunication but incredible sexual chemistry, the political setting, the mysterious figure crossing our heroes' path, the gripping action. I loved everything despite the overextended inner monologues and the not so flowing writing especially at the beginning. I am very glad I read it and I'm looking forward to reading the other parts of the series. It deserves to be published.
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7.0% "Training done. Let's see them on their first assignment!"
11.0% "Barcelona. When are we debunking Sin's myth?"
12.0% "They use their eyebrows a lot!"
18.0% "Aaaahhhhh Beauvais again!!!!

Going shopping..."
22.0% "The two have been so asexual up until now it's frustrating, but: 1. great tension in Sin's room; 2. in the diner Boyd told Sin he's gay.

End of lunch break. Looking forward to reading Sin's reaction tonight when I get finally home." 9 comments
29.0% "Boyd at Thierry's. I am very worried and disappointed with Boyd because he didn't get why Sin did that thing for him"
30.0% "The remote! Nooooo..."
33.0% "A kiss and then the worst fallout. This is frustrating!!!"
40.0% "Rescuing Sin. Will it work that simply? Boyd is unstable. He scares me more and more. I hope love will cure them both. Be patient my heart!" 1 comment
47.0% "Sin to Boyd in an almost innocuous situation: "I want whatever you want to give me." And I'm melting."
54.0% "Oh.My.God. Melted my kindle. Then a bucket of ice at the end of the chapter. Boys, get a grip!!!" 6 comments
60.0% "That Jessica woman!!! Doesn't she know when to give up?"
64.0% "Showdown in Monterrey"
72.0% "Poor Boyd! He's the scapegoat :-("
79.0% ""Don't play with me Boyd.""
95.0% "The Agency is under attack!"

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Sarasaya Manuuuu! Che bello, finalmente! Inoltrati un po' che poi apriamo una bella discussione su questa serie. ;)

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ Comincio tra cinque minuti :D

message 3: by Pete (new)

Pete Sembra una buona serie per un gruppo di discussione. Dovrò iniziare a leggerlo. :)

Sarasaya E' una delle mie preferite. Ma sappiate che non è finita ancora... :)

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ Lo so, infatti piego una regola, ma ne ho sentito parlare troppo bene. La scrittura è un po' macchinosa all'inizio, adesso mi sembra più facile. Non so se è perchè ho fatto l'orecchio.

Cmq: sono mooooolto preoccupata per Boyd. Chissà cosa gli fa passare Sin non appena aggancia la sua debolezza.

Sarasaya All'inizio mi sono preoccupata anche io...troppi nomi, ambienti strani, quasi surreale. Poi diventa molto più semplice e scorrevole.
...e se ti dicessi che tra i due, quello più debole non è Boyd? ;)

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ E infatti il ragazzino è molto ben piantato per terra, però mi preoccupa che l'altro è come uno squalo. Quello che mi figuro è che Sin miri alla gola e riesca anche a spezzare l'altro, ma poi l'altro con il suo metodo razionale si vendichi (non proprio vendicarsi, però insomma fargli scoprire il lato debole comunque) Oooh, sarà interessante :D

Sarasaya Moltissimissimo. :)

Lori K I'm so jealous of your first-through read.

Sarasaya Me too!!

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ Don't worry. I'll be jealous of myself sooner or later :D

It's frustrating ladies, so very much. That valentine thing is killing me.

Lori K I know, :(. Poor Sin.

Sarasaya And I think Afterimage is a looot more frustrating.O_O

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Sarasaya wrote: "And I think Afterimage is a looot more frustrating.O_O"

And evil. Which is why you have to read The Interludes to get some closure. Oh look at all the reading we have stuck you with!!!

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ Well, better than working :D

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ Boyd Boyd Boyd *shaking head*

Sarasaya Manuuu, dove sei? Che succede?

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ Boyd not sharing. But he's sharing quite a lot at the moment ;-)

Sarasaya Yeah, this is an "edging" book. :)

Emanuela ~plastic duck~ Yes yes yes! They were sizzling :D

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