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Fade by Lisa McMann
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Mar 31, 11

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So here we are again. This book, like the last, carving a whole in my chest. Threatening to bring me tears.....

But then???

This is still a good story. I like it, I do. I think most of that is due to two things however.

1.) I like this writing style. While it wouldn't work for most, it works here. It just does. With short, simple sentences, and the time stamps this book flies by. It's in incredibly easy read.

2.)Janie and Cabel are just SUCH a sweet couple. I like wanna squeeze their checks and say "awwww you guys!" Don't get me wrong they tend to jump to conclusions, and Cabel's whole "oh hey times are tough, I'm just gonna walk away now," shit is for the birds. I thought I was gonna have to strangle him, but it turns out after a quick visit to the corner (that I put him in) he got it together.

The Down Side

Well I won't be a spoiler bunny, but I'll say this: I saw everything coming. I blew the plot in the first 65 pages, and unlike my pal Cutie, I am not normally good at that. I still found it an enjoyable read, but I was disappointed when McMann never proved me wrong.

Also you know when you find that book, that through the little things, starts to shred you heart apart? You feel the ache in your chest, the black hole slowly growing? Finally just when you think that you can't take it anymore, the ball drops, you cry, it's tragically great? OMG, like the first book, the ball never drops. Here I am still an aching in my chest. I need the torture to end. JUST MAKE ME CRY ALREADY!!!
Yea I know, I can't believe I am actually asking to cry, but Janie with her condition, her mother, Cabel and his, well everything. It's killing me. I swear it is.

Overall I am enjoying this, just not as much as I thought.

Oh yea so me and Greta have this theory. What you may ask?

One, two, Freddie's coming for you. Three, Four, you better lock the door....

Thats all I'm gonna say about that. He He
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100.0% "And once again everything is tied up nice and neat in a little gift wrapped box. The end!" 3 comments

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