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Lord Sunday by Garth Nix
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Dec 22, 2010

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The sound came again, and Arthur clenched his fists and strained against the chains. It was the trumpet call of Elephant coming from far, far away. He sounded distressed and in pain. It came again twice more, weaker each time, then there was silence, save for the ticking of the clock.

"Elephant!" Arthur screamed, throwing himself at the rim of the clock. Golden blood streamed from his wrists as he raged against the chains, the manacles cutting deep even into his toughened skin.

But it was no use. Arthur could not shift the manacles or the chains, and at last he fell down and lay sobbing in a pool of his own blood, oblivious to the pain.

"Elephant..." he whispered.

I never should have sent you, he thought bleakly. I never should have brought you to life.


Okay, so the mawkish sentimentality really annoyed me, but I was impressed with the ending! I think it was bold to do something like that in a children's book. I'm nowhere near as into this series as I apparently was when it first came out, though. (Did I really give Mister Monday four stars?) I'm sort of tempted to go back and knock a star off all my ratings...

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