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Witness in Death by J.D. Robb
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I really liked the way this book started out, with Eve and Roarke out for a normal night out. As the series progresses we are seeing more and more of them in a normal couple environment, and I love it. It can’t always be about work. ;) Of course, they have the bad luck to witness a murder in the middle of their date, but the intent was still there. Eve is slowly becoming more than just the job.

Once again Robb keeps things fresh and offers up a completely different murder case for Eve. This time it involves the theater, and as Eve discovers, it’s irritating to try to get a handle on a bunch of actors. They lie. A lot. The plot twists around and surprised me quite a few times, but the overall pacing of the story was a lot slower than I was used to. Certain things in the case hit a little too close to home for Eve, and she has to balance the case with her struggle to control her past demons.

I really liked that we got to see more of Trueheart. It’s nice that the side characters aren’t ever forgotten. We might not see them constantly, but they’ll pop back up eventually. Nadine finally gets an opportunity to step forward in the series, which is nice because we rarely see her since her job pits her against Eve when she’s on a case. McNab and Peabody continue their relationship and poor Eve is left to grumble about how uncomfortable she is with it. Charles comes back into play and, although I like him, I find myself really uncomfortable with the situation he has going with Peabody.

I loved that Eve started to take steps to treat Roarke to some romance instead of letting it continue to be so one sided. Of course, I also loved how suspicious said romance left him. Although Eve had quite a few abrasive moments that had me irritated with her, she’s continuing to soften toward Roarke and lean on him more and more. They had quite a few lovely moments in the book that had me sighing.

Though I liked the book, I still thought it was slow. I was interested in the plot, but it felt like it took forever for it all to unfold. Hopefully I’ll agree more with the pacing in the next book.
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02/15/2012 "Good start. I liked that we opened with them doing something outside of their jobs."
02/17/2012 "I like that this one will have more of a focus on Nadine. Robb does a good job of tying side characters back into the plot eventually." 4 comments
02/17/2012 "OMG, the candy thief interrogation killed me. So hilarious."
02/20/2012 "I loved Roarke's reaction when Eve told him he was a good 'wife.' LOL."

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