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From Hell by Alan Moore
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I know a lot of geeky male comic book weirdos who like this one because it incorporates elements of wacky conspiracy theory, right-wing anti-masonism, New Age pseudo-spirituality, and so forth.

In truth it is a revolutionary feminist take on the Jack the Ripper tale, detourning the Ripper conspiracy theories to turn the narrative focus towards the misery of London's female working-class. Rather than a monolithic, conspiratorial evil, the Freemasons are portrayed as slightly archaic and plagued with contradictions.

Moore's Jack the Ripper is a reflection of the bloody society that created him, with plenty of allusions to the Holocaust, colonialism in Ireland, North America, and so forth, and vividly poetic hallucinations where even Jack the Ripper must behold in horror the technocratic prisons of the 20th century. William Morris even makes a cameo!

Don't read if you like bright, flashy comics with little dialogue and lots of action. And don't read the endnotes, either way. (The gratuitous and self-indulgent endnotes are the only reason this comic does not recieve five stars)

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