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The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks
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Dec 21, 2010

it was ok
bookshelves: 2011-read, fantasy, pans
Read from April 02 to 20, 2011

About 25% in, not diggin it so far. It has all the tropes of fantasy, but they're just not coming together well for me. The characters are sort of boring and fixated on one thing. Author uses weird transitions, like when a character is having an inner monologue, and the way he gets out of it and back into the story is to have the character say/think "but why am I thinking about that? I should be thinking of this other major plot point". Ug.

Finished it, and didn't like it. "It was ok" (the two-star rating) describes my feelings for it pretty well. There was too much going on, the characters blended together, the writing was clunky... And I kept hoping the characters he implied were dead had really died so that I wouldn't have to read about them again. I'm curious about the next book in the series... I really liked Dorian's character and I'm curious where he'll go. But the writing was so jarring that I don't know if I'll waste my time on it.

A couple things that bothered me (the ones I bothered to highlight):

"The chamberlain took him through a vast entry hall with dual stairs that climbed three stories flanking an enormous marble statue of two men, twins, facing each other in battle, each seeing the same opening in the other’s defense, each lunging." (It's like he forget to add commas, then realized it and made up for it in the last half of the sentence.)

"His memory was as sharp as the daggers that they’d once found under the royal pillows." (I rolled my eyes at that one)

"Kylar’s afternoon had been frantic. He’d had to get Logan to get someone else to get him an invitation" (to get to get to get to get to get)

"Silhouetted, black blood dripped from the tip of Retribution. Drip, drip. Durzo’s voice strained like bending steel. “Kylar, this is your last chance.”" (How does a voice sound like bending steel??? Also, last chance warnings are lame. And writing "drip drip" is also lame.)

"It seemed as if the black tattoos that all of them wore had torn free of their hands and were holding each other, pulsing with power. The wytches were sweating as if under tremendous strain. Water swelled as if an immense arrow were passing just under the surface of the sea" (as if as if as if as if as if as if...... oh, and wytches that practice magyk. That's how you know it's a Fantasy Book, because there are Y's in the words.)


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