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Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr
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First of all, I just read several of the reviews and realized that Niall's name is spelled much more interestingly than I had thought (thought it was Neal). That's what I get for listening to the book instead of seeing the text. Still, I didn't like Niall as well in this book as I did in Wicked Lovely. Yes, he wasn't the focus or even a major character, but he seemed to have a lot more wit and character in Wicked Lovely. Also, I have to admit that I didn't know who Leslie was until the author reminded me that she was Aislinn's friend. I just didn't really believe what happened in the story. Niall doesn't realize that he is being used and betrayed until it is too late when I would have figured him to be too smart and used to the politics to be fooled. Irial saying that he loved Leslie when their relationship was purely based on need and addiction. Leslie agreeing to follow along with Irial despite her knowledge of the effects of addiction and recognizing that she was displaying symptoms of being addicted to the feelings he caused. I just can't imagine someone that afraid of losing control allowing someone else to basically remove her from reality. I also didn't understand her decision regarding Niall after everything was over. He was the only one to think of her needs and safety (even though he didn't do nearly enough soon enough). I'm hoping some of this will be resolved in the next one because right now I don't like any of the characters.

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