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Second Chances by Lauren Dane
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** spoiler alert ** While reading several reviews for this book, I wasn't to sure this was for me. As much as I love most of LDs work. I felt that I would really hate it and for most of the novel I still felt that way.

We start out with Rory who is from a small town, moves back home after being away for several years. She comes back to town hotter then all get out. She soon meets up with the man Jude, she's had a schoolgirl crush on for years.

For the first half of the book Jude is a total ass with a capital A!!!
he's a womanizing d*ckweed and I hated him much for it. Soon Rory realizes that she can't deal with his crap. yay

The night she dumps Jude she goes out for drinks with a old friend and runs into Zach, sweet loving Zach! Rory soon falls for Zach and the two marry and lead a D/s lifestyle.

Then all of the sudden *SPOILER ALERT* Zach dies. Yep he's dead. So after sometime Rory falls back into love with Jude and they live happily ever after.

What I loved/Liked:
1. I liked Rory, she was a sweet, sexy, sassy well put together individual that any person would love to have in their life.
2. After being such a womanizing ass Jude redeems himself that left me no choice to believe in him.
3. The way Zach loved and treated Rory.
4. The Sex/love scenes, or as Rory would say hot monkey sex!

What I hated:
1.That for 50% of the book we focus on Rory and Jude and how awful he is. Which takes place over the course of a few days.
2. For 35% or so how she falls in love with Zach, and marries him. This takes place over a couple of years.
3. For how 10% of the book is how Rory deals grieves with Zach's death. Over the course of a year.
4. 5% is how Jude and her have such an abrupt ending.

Well thats kinda 50/50 huh? How did I come to four stars is well I love the writing style, it's easy to read and fast pace. Oh and it's full of kink.

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