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Dreadnought by Cherie Priest
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Dec 20, 10

bookshelves: 2010, fiction, favorites, steampunk
Read from December 19 to 20, 2010

In my opinion, Cherie Priest is the reigning queen author of Steampunk novels, and Dreadnought is a solid example of why. It's hard to explain Steampunk to someone who doesn't already know what it is - I mean, you can bring Verne into the picture and then try to bring the word "mash-up" into the mix (citing Glee for those who tend to not read much) and then finish off with a flourish of "something like that" and hope that they get it... or you can just hand over a copy of Boneshaker and tell them to read it.

Sure, the historical aspects have been twisted and pulled a bit - but these aren't historical fiction novels (unless your world actually does contain zombies). The thing about Cherie Priest's books are - even though you know they aren't historically accurate, the manner in which she writes them makes you doubt that more than once as you are reading the story. In Dreadnought, there are many scenes in which Mercy is treating soldiers, in which relationships are being developed between the North and the South on the Dreadnought itself (which alone is.. man, so awesome to read about), and it seems plausible that these things did, in fact, happen. Another thing that helps is the way that Priest implements things such as dirigibles and zombies without batting an eye at how unusual they really are. Everything is incorporated into the story in such a matter-of-fact way that if you, the reader, seems to bat an eyelash at it, you would be the one out of the ordinary.

Mercy Lynch's journey from Virginia to Seattle, Washington is a fun, romping good time. There's adventure, there's flying vehicles, there's massive trains and there's zombies... and it all makes perfect sense. Boneshaker and Dreadnought are two shining examples of just how great Steampunk books can be, and I cannot wait to see what Cherie Priest comes up with next.

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