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Linda Goodman's Star Signs by Linda Goodman
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Dec 18, 2010

really liked it
Read in August, 1989

** spoiler alert ** I'd have given this book a five, just because I enjoyed it that much at the time I read it and it was that important to me at the time. I was 17, and this book accompanied me through a spiritually eye-opening time of self examination.

I didn't give it a five, though, because...let's face it. This is a book about how to live forever by drinking lots of grape juice and visualizing your cells spinning backwards, written by a woman who died of complications from diabetes when she was 70.
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Schwpz Or did she now? ;)
After all, she did dedicate a lot of space explaining the annoyances of faking one's death and the troubles going to identity changes in order to hide ones immortality ;)
Dun-dun-dun-dun! :))

Jokes (?) apart, I whole heartly agree with your review. It summed up pretty much my very own feelings regarding the book.

Maxwil Verscot well you see this book introduced me to spirituality virtually,slowly I learnt to know the facts behind fiction and lastly the result of all the churning in my mind is the conclusion-
I have switched to Vedic astrology,it works for everyone very specifically with accuracy of precision and timing versus western which can analyze a man's character pretty well but prediction wise,a big faillll!!!

eastern mysticism can help you unite with god and explains the true nature of man and the universe

linda goodman Apart from two great b ooks--namely her poetry b ooks and sun signs and love signs was a huge failure in the mystical world-she was no guru she was a self-deluded freak,heartbroken from the absence of her child,so she created some contorted theories to fool herself and her readers
I was 16 or 17 when I read the book!!!I genuinely believed in word druids,immortality,weight loss and so many theories!!!!I was so enchanted,but it made me the most unrealistic and spoiled my adolescence
she did promote lot of good ideas like numerology and career and stuff like that but other ideas like word druids lexigramming,immortality,weight loss were incredulously stupid theories and just malarkey!!!
she said believe and just that believe and expect a miracle,!!!now what a fool,as of the whole world just by faith!!she never mentioned that we need action to achieve our goals,not just belief,since she wrote from the judeo-abrahamnic Christian ideology
paradoxically absurd-she talks of not killing anyone,plants thinking((pseudoscience!!) and then justifies the genocide of millions of red indian by white racist british colony in America!!!what a joke???
talks about an imaginary higher self plagiarizing from the indian Vedic tradition but viewing this "higher self" as some sort of angel controlling our mind and soul but we simply can't detect this angel's presence,she talks of no way to realize that there is some unique higher self somewhere,in other words she is fantasizing just like the biblical theologians did about virgin birth and angels coming down from heaven to talk to shepherds etcc.there is no extra higher self,only your self encased in this mind and body which we call soul,thats it
I could go on and on... but the point is I strongly advise to read this book with a skeptical mindset,dont blindly believe it!!!as she says herself in the book
"you have to take the whole cake into condiseration before taking a large bite,if you see the analogy!!!cheers

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