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The Horror of Gaad Grey, The Evil Alpha Werewolf by Sean H. Robertson
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Dec 18, 2010

did not like it
Read in December, 2010

** spoiler alert ** For a 72 page novella, this book was difficult for me to finish. I had to put it down several times because the story is told in third person, but in present tense which grated on my nerves.

Here is a an example:

on page 5:
"Gaal and Gomer Grey stand back, watching their mighty Grey Wolves overpower the Vampirian soldiers and then turn their attention towards King George. Gaal and Gomer viciously throw their own werewolves away from the now wounded King George. The pack backs off, subservient, as their alphas assault King George themselves.
Gaal chews off his left arm as Gomer mauls his left leg. King George, with his last burst of strength and spirit, slashes his Silo Sword with his right hand at the heads of Gaal and Gomer Grey, instantly decapitating both of their wide-eyed, smiling faces. The heads fly from their bodies as his own flesh dangles from their slavering mouths."

Logically the above altercation doesn't make much sense. How is it possible for King George to kill Gaal and Gomer with one sword swing? I realize that their heads are in semi-alignment, but this just seems preposterous to me, especially since he just had an entire werewolf pack attack him, surely someone would have thought to disarm him?. . . Ugh. Also, logic fails me as to why the heads of Gaal and Gomer are wide-eyed and smiling when just previously they happened to be mauling and chewing on dear George's arms and legs.

Similar contradictions, as pointed out above, are seen throughout the entire novella. Also, the text seemed to be more indicative of an outline, like a quick bullet point summary of the story, as opposed to actually showing the story, the action, and the character development, of which we see none.

Overall, it was disappointing. I think with a bit more effort and planning, and a few less clichés in the storyline, this could have been a much better read.
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