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America by Heart by Sarah Palin
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Dec 18, 2010

it was amazing
bookshelves: americana, non-fiction, when-the-world-was-new, jesus-take-the-wheel
Recommended to Esteban by: The Elect!
Recommended for: Anyone who doesn't want to burn in hell!
Read on December 18, 2010

I finally got mine autographed!

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The Crimson Fucker i love the shelves you put this piece of crap in!

Esteban del Mal It's not a piece of crap! It's a blueprint for saving America from terrorist god-hating illegals and their filthy abortions!

The Crimson Fucker wait! the illegals are not having abortions! they make anchor babies!

Esteban del Mal You're right! But they taught white people to have abortions! So soon there will be more brown people than white people!

The Crimson Fucker wait! abortion is my people's fault now????? AWESOME!!!! finally something i can be proud of!!!! did you ever read that article that claims that in places where abortion is legal crime goes down? i'm too lazy to find it but they claim that now that the poor and the criminals dont necessary reproduce there is a steady decrease in violence and crap... i'm too lazy to find it! but i remember it!!!

Esteban del Mal Christopher Columbus brought abortion back to the Old World when Geronimo made him dream about it after smoking some peyote and participating in a rain dance with naked native ladies! And you guys got syphilis and small pox and little pre-packaged peppermint candies! I guess it's a wash!

Also, if there weren't so many (white) abortions, Social Security would be solvent! Which is fine because it's going to be privatized so the Wall Street ubermenschs won't have to have their money sullied by our muddy hands! I don't blame them! Do you? Who wants dirty money when you have so much that you dry your hands with it?

The Crimson Fucker dude! you know how naive i am!!! if it wasn't for the fact that i know peyote can't be smoked i would have totally believed that!!!! also keep in mind that we also came up with smoking tobacco! we slowly been killing y'all!!! y'all should thanks us for that one! we slowly killing the Chinese with that one!!!!

Esteban del Mal That's such bullshit Alfonso! I'm smoking peyote right now! And you natives couldn't roll a proper cigarette to save your lives until we gave you Zig Zags! Banana plant leaves!? Srsly???! Pfffft! Your historical revisionism is making Jesus cry!

NO! Not cry! That's historical revisionism too! Jesus is a bad ass and he never cried! You soppy natives make him out to be all weepy and suffering! And he's had it up to HERE with your revisionism/liberal activist judges/equality/class warfare!


message 9: by Mariel (new)

Mariel Jesus would throw away those banana plant leaves and wipe his butt with all of you.

Esteban del Mal He is risen, bitches!


Esteban del Mal He. Is. Risen.

message 12: by Mariel (new)

Mariel Does it have its own jesus beard?

message 13: by Tony (new)

Tony In it's own way, this is the best review on Goodreads.

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