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Graceling by Kristin Cashore
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Feb 12, 11

bookshelves: adventure, cool, heartbreaker, i-love-the-hero, group-read, romance
Recommended to Julie by: Fangirls
Recommended for: people looking for weird-named characters
Read in February, 2011

** spoiler alert **
Initial Reaction: …too lazy to read…

Last Reaction: WOW!

Here’s how it all started…

1-99: Boring…Confusing…
If those places were just real then I bet I’m gonna fail my Geography subject.

100-299: Am I reading The Hunger Games for the second time?

300-471: Conversation in the woods of Monsea

Julie: You remind me of someone I know?
Katsa: Who? *arching her eyebrow*
Julie: Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games
Katsa: Never heard of her. *curious* Is she a badass heroine like me?
Julie: Yes, VERY BADASS! Both of you are good at Archery.
Katsa: I would like to meet her someday and wish to see who’s stronger *brimming with confidence*
Julie: As for you young man, you-
Po: I know. *grins* Peeta Mellark, right? *raises his eyebrows*
Julie: What?! How?! Have you met him already?
Po: In case you forgot I CAN read thoughts and emotions.
Julie: OMG! Tell me, can you read what I’m thinking right now? Go on *smiles wickedly*
Po: Whoa! Lady! You can’t be serious *shakes his head* No, can’t do, Katsa’s here…

The End.


Okay, I just compared it with The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Similarities are:
The characters, particularly the hero and heroine. Katniss and Katsa are both good at archery, ill-tempered, not vocal of their feelings and most notable of all is that they’re ultra-dense in sensing other people’s feelings which I tremendously HATE! As for the guys, both are thoughtful and rational. Hey wait, both pairs have the same initials. As in K for the girls and P for the boys…okay, enough of trivial things.
King Randa also reminds me of another infamous character, which is President Snow.

Hence, both ladies are similar in some ways but I think Katniss is better than the other for the reason that she would do whatever she can to fight her oppressors.

“But you do have choice. He’s not the one who makes you savage. You make yourself savage, when you bend yourself to his will.” (-Po)
See, pathetic version of Katniss Everdeen!

As for the story, just another fight for survival. Being used for the amusement and security of the higher-ups.

In general, Graceling was a good read, something I would definitely recommend to YA lovers. Here are my reasons:
1. The surprises were good. Po’s blindness was something I really didn’t see coming, which made me very emotional.
2. The ending was great, it wasn’t mushy but sweet!
3. Plus the occasional hugs and kisses which made their romance even sweeter.

Okay, the book was good so why just four stars?
1. The sudden sex. The sex scene made me really, Really, REALLY, think hard. Why? Well, it’s a YA book and the author just provided a nearly elaborate sex scene between the characters. Well, I was shocked. At first I was praising the book. Too much kissing and neck-licking are some of the things I can’t stand for long and because of that I thought this book was different from the rest. Oh well, I guess it was. So different that it was strange…
2. The names. Made me ROFL! Especially Po’s real name and Gramp Tealiff’s.
3. Katsa’s belief and selfish character. I suppose she’s living up the meaning of her own grace, which is survival or self-preservation. The reason behind her selfishness and why she was SO afraid of committing herself to Po. This attitude of her gave me a good amount of headache.
Say, she’s living with Po, doing this and that with him and then, she’ll say “I had fun Po, I think it’s time for me to leave now. Thanks for nights of pleasures and bye! “

I guess, that would be Po’s reaction when it’s time for Katsa to say “B-Y-E! B-Y-E!”
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02/07/2011 page 224
48.0% "Katniss = Katsa Peeta = Jace Randa = Pres. Snow"
02/07/2011 page 224
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Lexi (Pink Jellyfish) omg ur reading gracling i liked it!!

Julie thanks :) yes, i think this one's good so i'm giving it a try! plus, it's an assigned reading from a group which I belong ^^

Brittany Graceling is good!

Brittany Po <3

Lexi (Pink Jellyfish) <3<3 and Bitterblue!

Brittany cant wait for that one

Lexi (Pink Jellyfish) dun tell meh ya read Fire?????? how was it?

Brittany I didnt like fire that much. I didnt finish it lol

Julie lol, thanks ^^ i will read this as soon as possible

Brittany yayyy

Brittany I've gone into Manga mode (whatever that is)

Lexi (Pink Jellyfish) LOL thanks 2 u...i did too! LOL

Brittany Well Manga is coool LOL

Lexi (Pink Jellyfish) manga is awsum!

Brittany Yuh!

Joyzi ^^ Well we can't really blame katsa I also don't believe in marriage. *don't mind me*

message 21: by Julie (last edited Feb 12, 2011 04:36AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Julie lol, naawa ako kay Po kasi talaga :D hehe bulag na nga iiwanan pa

Joyzi Julie oo nga si Katsa kasi e, ayaw mag-patali

Sarah when i was making my review i keep on typing Katniss when it was supposed to be Katsa. But I do like Katsa better than Katniss. :D And I agree with the sex thing. I really really hate that chapter. but I guess it served its purpose.

Joyzi Idk what's the purpose of the uncut sex thingy

Julie yeah, me too I'm so bothered with the sex thing.

Joyzi One of my friends reviewed Fire that was the book 2 of the Graceling Trilogy and she said there's too many casual sex on the second one

message 27: by Julie (last edited Feb 14, 2011 04:42AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Julie geez, it's a book under YA category :s
pano nalang ang minds ng mga pre-teen/teen readers. something I will NOT recommend to young readers as in talaga Joyzi. anu pang pinagkaiba nya sa erotic read...

Joyzi lol ewan ko nga din ke Cashore e, pero basahin ko muna yung Fire before ako magjudge, parang ang nangyari din ata e mala Po at Katsa ito, si Fire at Archer parang casual sex lang din

Julie tama, pwede mag-iba padin ang pananaw mo haha. bale iba pala ang bida ng 2nd book. mukhang maganda (para sa mga adults) din. sana naman yun padin yung setting para di nako magkanda lito sa nander, sunder, estill chuchu haha

Joyzi So julie yung kuwento nung Fire e way before pa nung Graceling so prequel talaga siya, tapos andito daw yung history paano naging masama si Leck

Julie mukhang maganda nga. pero mataas ang expectations ko neto kasi medyo malabo nga yung motive ni leck tas (book 1) parang andaming unsolved questions behind sa 1st book.
sino nga kasi yung binasa ko ang review na may ganito nga tas napaisip ako "oo nga no, medyo malabo" haha :D

Joyzi Oo basta andun nga daw yung parang history ng Graceling, tapos yung book 3 tungkol naman ke Bitterblue ng book 1 pero not yet release pa siya, yun sigurado babasahin ko talaga, love ko si Bitterblue e

Julie hahaha, napaka-mature nga nyang bata kaya adorable haha, mukha naman palang kaabang-abang ang next two books

Tintin LOL, I noticed the Katniss-Katsa similarity too, but Katniss beats Katsa in spunk any day.

As for the love scenes, I thought they were relatively tame and non-graphic. But then, I've read so much XXXX fanfic it would be hard to faze me. I even wrote one myself XD

Joyzi @Tintin I was just shock that the author don't cut it because for most YA novels I read they always cut the sex scene but not this one

Tintin ^You're right. I admit it's unexpected for a YA novel to even hint of sexual relations, never mind the 'friends with benefits' relationship of Katsa and Po >:D

Joyzi Haha that's really disturbing for YA books some of them have PMS

message 38: by Julie (last edited Feb 20, 2011 03:37AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Julie @tintin: Agree! Katniss is WAY better than Katsa XD

uuyyy share the one you wrote :)) quadrupole "X" LoL, that's insanely obscene

message 39: by Tintin (last edited Feb 20, 2011 07:47AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Tintin @Julie: Yes my favorite fanfics are insanely graphic and not for the faint of heart. Literary porn, I call it >:) (Not too far off from Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, though the best ones make much more sense than that book).

I have to warn you though, I only ever read/write YAOI (gay, M/M) fanfiction XD

So if that isn't enough to make you run for the hills, try my very tame work here:

But even if boy-love isn't your thing, I recommend this manga where I got the characters from: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/petshop...

I wouldn't classify it as 'horror' despite the title and it's sweet and funny and mostly clean, except in the dirty minds of its readers XD

And if Pet Shop of Horrors and gay!pRon are to your taste, I may let you see the XXXX fic XD

Julie @tintin: I'll give Petshop of Horrors a try ^^

LOL, just finished reading your work and I must say I was quite stunned (at first, these words kept ringing on my mind that "D's a guy, Leon's a guy" for like 20 times XD). My first time to read a YAOI fanfic! XD I dunno, at first it gave me the creeps but then eventually, I learned to appreciate it! OMG! I think I appreciate/like/LOVE? Yaoi na 0_0

Tintin Well, D looks and acts *very* girly if it helps XD (That's him in the pic at the upper left corner of my story). Uh...I had the same reaction as you reading a yaoi fic for the first time hmm...11 years ago? XD Only it was more shocking because the first one I read was straight-on XXX!! XD This is the start of your corruption! >:D It's a whole new world out there...!

Julie wow, 11 years ago 0_0 how i wish to be like you 11 years after:
1. have my own fanfics
2. able to make great reviews XD

LOL tintin, XXX!!!!!! I'm gonna pray to all saints and angels out there to guide me XD

Tintin Ahaha when you're as corrupted as I am kahit magdasal ka wala nag magsasalba sayo bwahahahaha XD

Julie parang nararamdaman ko na ang impending doom ko nyahaha!

parang welcome to the dark side eh XD

Tintin *From the Dark Side, we welcome you with open arms...* >:D

Masaya dito!!! >:D

Julie parang henchwoman ni lucifer ang dating XD sige, mwuhahaha

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